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Meetings:Telecon2016081515 August 2016Teleconference
Meetings:Telecon2016082222 August 2016Teleconference, Michael
Meetings:Telecon2016082929 August 2016Teleconference
Meetings:Telecon201609055 September 2016Teleconference
Meetings:Telecon2016091212 September 2016Teleconference
Meetings:TPAC201622 September 2016TPAC 2016
Meetings:Telecon201610033 October 2016Teleconference
Meetings:Telecon2016101010 October 2016Teleconference
Meetings:Telecon2016101717 October 2016Teleconference
Meetings:Telecon2016102424 October 2016Teleconference
Meetings:Telecon2016103131 October 2016Teleconference
Meetings:Telecon201611077 November 2016Teleconference
Meetings:Telecon2016111414 November 2016Teleconference
Meetings:Telecon2016112121 November 2016Teleconference
Meetings:Telecon2016112828 November 2016Teleconference
Meetings:Telecon201612055 December 2016Teleconference
Meetings:Telecon2016121212 December 2016Teleconference
Meetings:Telecon201701099 January 2017Teleconference
Meetings:Telecon2017011616 January 2017Teleconference
Meetings:Telecon2017012323 January 2017Teleconference
Meetings:London201718 May 2017London 2017

This page only shows the most recent meetings. A complete list is available in the Meetings Archive.

Chairs meetings

Face to face Meetings

The WG is expecting to meet on Thursday 22 and Friday 23 September 2016 at TPAC (Lisbon)

Dial in details

  Joining instructions: (official participants and invited guests only)
  Join using WebEx in your browser with Meeting Number: 319 624 481
  Or you can dial in through +1-617-324-0000 (US Toll Number) with Access code: 319 624 481 
  Also, you should join IRC channel: #poe on on port 6665
  Please type 'present+ your IRC nickname. It helps if you use the same nickname on IRC and WebEx.