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Steps from WD to CR to PR to REC

WD to CR

  • Call for wide review
  • Email Template
  • Promotion List: [org or person name, who sent, when sent, and CC email to public-poe-comments]
    • ODRL Community Group [renato, 28/2]
    • IPTC/RightsML [stuart&michael, 2/3]
    • BSIG/Bill K [renato, 28/2]
    • PLUS Photo Metadata [renato, 28/2]
    • PRISM Rights Metadata [renato, 28/2]
    • DPLA rightsstatements.org [stuart 2/3]
    • Jean-Pierre Evain, as Principal Project Manager of EBU's MEDIA INFORMATION MANAGEMENT [victor]
    • EDRLab (Laurent Le Meur) [michael, 28/2]
    • Creative Commons [renato, 6/3]
    • Open Mobile Alliance [renato, 7/3]
    • IEEE1599 [renato, 2/3]
    • AC Review members [Ben]
    • Charter dependency groups [phil]
    • Tweeted [1] [stuart, 28/2] [2] [odrl, 28/2]
    • EDItEUR/ONIX-PL [renato, 7/3]
    • Copyright & Technology (Bill Rosenblatt) [renato, 7/3]
    • IEEE LTSC [renato, 8/3]
    • Ben White (British Library) [renato, 10/3]
    • ODI [victor, 11/3]
    • BigDataEurope [phil, 13/3]
    • Social Web WG [Phil 20/3]
    • Semantic Web IG [Phil 20/30]
    • Copyright Clearance Centre (Renato 27/3)
    • others...
  • Reach out to W3C horizontal reviews:
  • Handle all issues arising from the previous two points
  • Define and set up testing
    • Decide and document CR exit criteria
    • Set up tests and clear guidelines for implementers on how to use them; the test suite must cover all 'features' that are in the exit criteria
    • Define the ways test results are submitted by implementers and how these are compiled into a coherent implementation report (maybe reach out to the current testing efforts @W3C to get some help or examples, eg, Shane)
    • A leader for testing should be appointed asap who would be in charge of this
  • Decide which features are "at risk", ie, features that may or may not be added to the final Rec depending on whether enough implementations come in during CR phase
  • Transition call to CR: this should document all the steps above, including disposition of comments

CR to PR

  • Shepherd implementers and their reports to generate implementation reports
  • Define and document the errata policy for the group for the life after Rec
  • Transition call to PR: document the implementation report

PR to Rec

  • Hope that the AC will not raise last minute objections:-)