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ID State Title Raised on Product Open Actions
ISSUE-1 (edit)
CLOSED Where should the BP cookbook go? 2011-07-22 Best Practices 0
ISSUE-2 (edit)
CLOSED dct:language should be added to DCAT 2011-11-23 DCAT 0
ISSUE-3 (edit)
CLOSED Date and Time Format 2012-01-06 DCAT 0
ISSUE-4 (edit)
Alien Ranges
CLOSED Should we define ranges for other people's vocabularies? 2012-01-06 DCAT 0
ISSUE-5 (edit)
CLOSED Implications of the domain of dcterms:accrualPeriodicity 2012-01-06 DCAT 0
ISSUE-6 (edit)
RAISED How should publishers figure out good URIs for properties with non-literal ranges? 2012-01-26 Best Practices 0
ISSUE-7 (edit)
CLOSED Drop dcat:accessUrl, use the URI of the dcat:Download resource instead 2012-01-26 DCAT 0
ISSUE-8 (edit)
(in)direct data access
CLOSED add a property to distinguish direct and indirect access of dcat:Distribution 2012-01-26 DCAT 0
ISSUE-9 (edit)
CLOSED dcat:Distribution and its subclasses are unnecessary 2012-01-26 DCAT 0
ISSUE-10 (edit)
CLOSED Refine dcat:granularity to dcat:spatialGranularity and dcat:temporalGranularity 2012-01-26 DCAT 0
ISSUE-11 (edit)
CLOSED Is dcat:CatalogRecord related to Named Graphs? 2012-01-26 DCAT 0
ISSUE-12 (edit)
CLOSED What values to use to describe formats of dcat:Distribution? 2012-01-26 DCAT 0
ISSUE-13 (edit)
CLOSED attach specific properties to dcat:Distribution and not to dcat:Dataset 2012-01-26 DCAT 0
ISSUE-14 (edit)
permanent identifier
POSTPONED add dcat:permanentIdentifier property 2012-01-26 DCAT 0
ISSUE-15 (edit) CLOSED GLD life cycle 2012-01-26 Best Practices 0
ISSUE-16 (edit) CLOSED Re-usable sections or other GLD documents 2012-01-26 Best Practices 0
ISSUE-17 (edit) CLOSED Who are the contenders and how do they play together? 2012-01-28 People 0
ISSUE-18 (edit) CLOSED What are the target entities we want relate people to? 2012-01-28 People 0
ISSUE-19 (edit) CLOSED How to relate a person to an organisation 2012-01-28 People 0
ISSUE-20 (edit) CLOSED How to relate a person to a project 2012-01-28 People 0
ISSUE-21 (edit) CLOSED I14Y of terms with other vocabs 2012-01-28 People 0
ISSUE-22 (edit) CLOSED Which vCard version? 2012-01-28 People 0
ISSUE-23 (edit) CLOSED How to relate a person to a building/room? 2012-01-29 People 0
ISSUE-24 (edit) CLOSED How to relate a person to a contact information? 2012-01-29 People 0
ISSUE-25 (edit) CLOSED Test cases for people related stuff 2012-01-29 People 0
ISSUE-26 (edit)
dct:language range
CLOSED Range of dcterms:language is a resource, not literal 2012-02-09 DCAT 0
ISSUE-27 (edit)
CLOSED URIs for file formats 2012-02-09 DCAT 0
ISSUE-28 (edit) CLOSED Is a vocabulary 5-star? 2012-02-10 Best Practices 0
ISSUE-29 (edit)
CLOSED Criteria for well-formedness 2012-02-17 Data Cube Vocabulary 0
ISSUE-30 (edit)
POSTPONED Declaring relations between cubes 2012-02-17 Data Cube Vocabulary 0
ISSUE-31 (edit)
CLOSED Supporting aggregation for other than SKOS hierarchies 2012-02-17 Data Cube Vocabulary 0
ISSUE-32 (edit)
CLOSED Relationship to ISO19156 - Observations & Measurements? 2012-02-17 Data Cube Vocabulary 0
ISSUE-33 (edit)
CLOSED Collections of observations and well-formedness of slices 2012-02-17 Data Cube Vocabulary 0
ISSUE-34 (edit)
CLOSED Clarify or drop qb:subslice ? 2012-02-17 Data Cube Vocabulary 0
ISSUE-35 (edit)
CLOSED Should org support representation of organizational structure distinct from membership 2012-09-24 Organization Ontology 0
ISSUE-36 (edit)
Kill Radion?
CLOSED Should RADion be killed off? 2012-09-27 DCAT 0
ISSUE-37 (edit)
POSTPONED Align Data Cube with SDMX 2.1 2012-10-13 Data Cube Vocabulary 0
ISSUE-38 (edit)
Registered what?
CLOSED Name of the vocab formerly known as Core Business Vocabulary, currently called Legal Entity 2012-10-18 Organization Ontology 0
ISSUE-39 (edit)
CLOSED Data Cube: Allow skos:Collections as value of qb:codeList 2012-10-21 Data Cube Vocabulary 0
ISSUE-40 (edit)
identifier - which vocab?
CLOSED What is the correct vocab for the identifier property? 2012-10-23 Registered Organization Vocabulary 0
ISSUE-41 (edit)
CLOSED use of skos:altLabel or dcterms:alternative 2012-10-23 Registered Organization Vocabulary 0
ISSUE-42 (edit)
CLOSED foaf:Organization relationship 2012-10-24 Organization Ontology 0
ISSUE-43 (edit)
CLOSED rename dcat:Distribution to Resource 2012-10-24 DCAT 0
ISSUE-44 (edit)
CLOSED replace properties dcat:size and dcat:bytes with one property dcat:byteSize 2012-10-24 DCAT 0
ISSUE-45 (edit)
CLOSED Align treatment of registered addresses between Org and RegOrg 2012-10-25 Organization Ontology 0
ISSUE-46 (edit)
CLOSED Should GLD vocabularies define conceptual models too? 2012-10-25 Registered Organization Vocabulary 0
ISSUE-47 (edit)
CLOSED RegOrg should be defined as an Org profile 2012-10-25 Registered Organization Vocabulary 0
ISSUE-48 (edit)
CLOSED Domain/range of org:reportsTo 2012-11-09 Organization Ontology 0
ISSUE-49 (edit)
CLOSED org:reportsTo is not acyclic 2012-11-09 Organization Ontology 0
ISSUE-50 (edit) CLOSED Should org:Organization be sub-class of foaf:Agent (consider birthday property as a test case) 2012-12-06 Organization Ontology 0
ISSUE-51 (edit) CLOSED Should org:Post be a sub class of org:Organzation 2012-12-06 Organization Ontology 0
ISSUE-52 (edit)
CLOSED Drop dc:reference from Dcat 2013-01-31 DCAT 0
ISSUE-53 (edit)
CLOSED Move the license property from dataset to distribution 2013-01-31 DCAT 0
ISSUE-54 (edit)
CLOSED Relationship of DCAT and VoID 2013-01-31 DCAT 0
ISSUE-55 (edit)
CLOSED Use of prov:wasDerivedFrom 2013-02-15 Organization Ontology 0
ISSUE-56 (edit)
CLOSED Check PROV semantic constraints 2013-02-15 Organization Ontology 0
ISSUE-57 (edit)
CLOSED PROV use of invalidation 2013-02-15 Organization Ontology 0
ISSUE-58 (edit)
CLOSED Relate org:Organization to prov:Organization 2013-02-21 Organization Ontology 0
ISSUE-59 (edit)
CLOSED Last Call comment. Frank Cotton on qb:HierarchicalCodeList 2013-04-10 Data Cube Vocabulary 0
ISSUE-60 (edit)
CLOSED dct:license vs. dct:rights 2013-04-12 DCAT 0
ISSUE-61 (edit)
CLOSED dct:license vs. dct:rights 2013-04-12 DCAT 0
ISSUE-62 (edit)
CLOSED Clarify scope of datasets and distributions 2013-04-12 DCAT 0
ISSUE-63 (edit)
CLOSED How to treat underspecified dates in DCAT? 2013-04-12 DCAT 0
ISSUE-64 (edit)
CLOSED Property and class names differing only in case 2013-04-12 DCAT 0
ISSUE-65 (edit)
PENDING REVIEW Add properties for dataset versioning 2013-04-12 DCAT 0
ISSUE-66 (edit)
CLOSED Define dcat:dataset as sub property of dcterms:hasPart 2013-05-02 DCAT 0
ISSUE-67 (edit)
CLOSED Add contactPoint to dcat:Dataset 2013-05-02 DCAT 0
ISSUE-68 (edit)
QB validation gap
CLOSED QB validation rules miss a potentially common case 2013-07-18 Data Cube Vocabulary 0
ISSUE-69 (edit)
IC-8 Errata
CLOSED Typo in IC-8 rule 2013-11-02 Data Cube Vocabulary 0
ISSUE-70 (edit)
CLOSED Define dcat:downloadURL as sub property of dcat:accessURL 2013-11-14 DCAT 0

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