ISSUE-52: Drop dc:reference from Dcat


Drop dc:reference from Dcat

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Fadi Maali
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I suggest dropping dc:reference property from DCAT specification. While publishers can certainly still use it, I think having it in the specification is not necessary. dc:reference is very generic and under specified

With the conformance description stating that properties from DCAT must be used when they are appropriate, dc:reference might be unnecessarily restricting in the sense that it can be used for documentation, related web pages, example document, etc. yet the publisher might prefer to use other properties and still be DCAT-compliant
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CLOSED as per decision of the WG
It's decided to drop dc:reference from DCAT nothing prohibits publishers from using it or some other properties to describe relations between datasets but they are not part of DCAT

Fadi Maali, 12 Apr 2013, 10:25:25

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