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ID State Title Person Due Date Associated with
ACTION-1 (edit) closed Investigate access issues to the wiki Sandro Hawke 2011-08-11
ACTION-2 (edit) closed Finalize temp IE status for listserv inclusion for Dan BLS, Chris GSA, Tina NSF, Todd Orbis, Zack APL Sandro Hawke 2011-09-08
ACTION-3 (edit) closed Finalize temp IE status for listserv inclusion for Dan BLS, Chris GSA, Tina NSF, Todd Orbis, Zack APL Bernadette Hyland 2011-08-11
ACTION-4 (edit) closed Organize telecon with Zach, Dan, John, George, Richard for a Cube Vocab review George Thomas 2011-08-18
ACTION-5 (edit) closed Connect with Stephen Cresswell (UK-TSO) regarding provenance John Erickson 2011-09-08
ACTION-6 (edit) closed Follow up with bhyland, ChrisMusialek and cory-c regarding NIEM interaction with US PMO George Thomas 2011-09-15
ACTION-7 (edit) closed Send out email to ask people to fill in company info & start trying to use deployment form to see how usability & data shapes up. Bernadette Hyland 2011-09-15
ACTION-8 (edit) closed Refactor some HHS CQLD GLD using QB George Thomas 2011-09-15 Data Cube Vocabulary
ACTION-9 (edit) closed Plug in "seed" content re: pragmatic provenance into the Best Practices wiki John Erickson 2011-09-29
ACTION-10 (edit) closed Talk with Paul about provenance Christophe Gueret 2011-09-29
ACTION-11 (edit) closed Add vocab in "cookbook" to wiki Bernadette Hyland 2011-10-13
ACTION-12 (edit) closed Archer to request member-only list Phil Archer 2011-10-20
ACTION-13 (edit) closed Post OGV docs as input to GLD on GLD wiki Dan Gillman 2011-11-10
ACTION-14 (edit) closed Check availability of videoconferencing system in DERI Richard Cyganiak 2011-11-10
ACTION-15 (edit) closed Work on co-location tools and logistics George Thomas 2011-11-10
ACTION-16 (edit) closed Agreed to facilitate NIEM discussion and get outline started working with bhyland. Cory Casanave 2011-11-17
ACTION-17 (edit) closed Agreed to be catalyst for drafting wiki page on relevant vocab work on Person, Address, Business. Phil Archer 2011-11-17
ACTION-18 (edit) closed Agreed to facilitate initial wiki draft on Vocab page on VCAT. John Erickson 2011-11-17
ACTION-19 (edit) closed Agreed to document some use cases for "roadmap" scenarios for localities contemplating putting content on the LoD. Biplav Srivastava 2011-11-17
ACTION-20 (edit) closed Mint wiki page for localities use cases, linked off the Best Practices deliverable. Bernadette Hyland 2011-11-17 Best Practices
ACTION-21 (edit) closed Hyland to contact Mike Pendleton and John Sheridan to help them start on the procurement section of the BP Bernadette Hyland 2011-11-24
ACTION-22 (edit) closed Reck to make a contribution to section 2.5 on stability Ronald Reck 2011-11-24
ACTION-23 (edit) closed Hyland to contact Top Quadrant (David Price) Bernadette Hyland 2011-11-24
ACTION-24 (edit) closed DCAT Community draft Phil Archer 2011-12-05
ACTION-25 (edit) closed Write some bullet points re viability of open source/academic tools/services for procurement section of best practices deliverable Richard Cyganiak 2011-12-15 Best Practices
ACTION-26 (edit) closed Pull the list of things to check and notify the group Bernadette Hyland 2011-12-15
ACTION-27 (edit) closed Confirm when US Bureau of Labor Stats can be open for our meeting Dan Gillman 2011-12-22
ACTION-28 (edit) closed Agree to clean up unknown references for Mike Pendleton's name in last week's minutes, see Sandro Hawke 2012-01-19
ACTION-29 (edit) closed Add products on issue tracker Phil Archer 2012-02-01
ACTION-30 (edit) closed Produce editor's draft of Data Cube spec Richard Cyganiak 2012-02-01 Data Cube Vocabulary
ACTION-31 (edit) closed Create a Wiki page on multi-lingualism of vocabs Boris Villazón-Terrazas 2012-02-01 Best Practices
ACTION-32 (edit) closed Compile first version of vocabulary selection quality checklist Michael Hausenblas 2012-02-01 Best Practices
ACTION-33 (edit) closed Set up an issues list for Bernadette Hyland 2012-02-01 Community Directory
ACTION-34 (edit) closed Convene a meeting on armchair usability for community directory Bernadette Hyland 2013-02-28 Community Directory
ACTION-35 (edit) closed Leeuwen to investigate how Good Relations etc could assist with automatically filling up the directory Bart van Leeuwen 2012-02-01 Community Directory
ACTION-36 (edit) closed Gather top 30-40 questions for the FAQ Bernadette Hyland 2013-02-28
ACTION-37 (edit) closed Move dcat-related content from eGov wiki to GLD wiki Richard Cyganiak 2012-02-02 DCAT
ACTION-38 (edit) closed Convert editors' draft of DCAT to make use of respec Phil Archer 2012-02-02 DCAT
ACTION-39 (edit) closed Update to point to the new dcat ED Richard Cyganiak 2012-02-02 DCAT
ACTION-40 (edit) closed Reflect on SEMIC advice on vocab selection etc. to see if there is more to contribute to the BP doc Phil Archer 2012-02-02 Best Practices
ACTION-41 (edit) closed Create W3C format of Org ontology specification document Daniel Vila 2012-02-02 Organization Ontology
ACTION-42 (edit) closed Update Richard Cyganiak 2012-02-02 Data Cube Vocabulary
ACTION-43 (edit) closed Gather terms for a Glossary section in the BP document, then link that static list to the live wiki page where these will be repeated and updated over time Bernadette Hyland 2012-04-26 Best Practices
ACTION-44 (edit) closed Invite Vocab TF chair to talk about extensions Bernadette Hyland 2012-02-02
ACTION-45 (edit) closed Invite RV Guha to speak at GLD WG telecon on extension mechanism for adding to Bernadette Hyland 2012-02-02
ACTION-46 (edit) closed Follow-up on "elected officials" and "agency officials" concern John Erickson 2012-02-09
ACTION-47 (edit) closed Corral DCAT team to propose resolutions to issue-2, issue-3 and possibly others to appear on next GLD call agenda John Erickson 2012-02-09 DCAT
ACTION-48 (edit) closed Wrote to Ian Jacobs to forewarn the W3C Comm Team that the WG is planning to put out several working drafts Bernadette Hyland 2012-05-25
ACTION-49 (edit) closed Write blog post about the publications, linking them to the ISA Programme work Phil Archer 2012-02-16
ACTION-50 (edit) closed Organise a "GLD Wg Online Open Day", including preparing a wiki page with information Michael Hausenblas 2012-02-16
ACTION-51 (edit) closed Check internally whether it's OK to specify Google+ for an online open day or suggest alternatives Sandro Hawke 2012-02-16
ACTION-52 (edit) closed Preparation in ReSpec for Best Practices to be a FWPD Michael Hausenblas 2011-10-01 Best Practices
ACTION-53 (edit) closed Community Directory Usability improvements Bernadette Hyland 2012-02-23 Community Directory
ACTION-54 (edit) closed Produce a Linked Data Glossary from existing content in wiki & books. Bernadette Hyland 2013-02-28
ACTION-55 (edit) closed Spanish translation of the ORG ontology Daniel Vila 2012-03-02
ACTION-56 (edit) closed Address QB feedback from Curran Richard Cyganiak 2012-03-04 Data Cube Vocabulary
ACTION-57 (edit) closed Add links Phil Archer 2012-03-15
ACTION-58 (edit) closed Annotate and update issues 2, 3 on tracker John Erickson 2012-03-22 DCAT
ACTION-59 (edit) closed Maali to address issues 7 - 9 on the mailing list Fadi Maali 2012-03-22 DCAT
ACTION-60 (edit) closed Archer to work on the abstract of DCAT Phil Archer 2012-04-05 DCAT
ACTION-61 (edit) closed Reynolds to generate revised abstract for Cube Vocab Dave Reynolds 2012-04-05
ACTION-62 (edit) closed Revise abstract of People vocab by 2012-04001 Michael Hausenblas 2012-04-05
ACTION-63 (edit) closed Improve SDMX references Dave Reynolds 2012-04-27 Data Cube Vocabulary
ACTION-64 (edit) closed Provide informative references to COG RDF schemes Dave Reynolds 2012-04-28 Data Cube Vocabulary
ACTION-65 (edit) closed Update rdfs:seeAlso links on org ontology Dave Reynolds 2012-04-30 Organization Ontology
ACTION-66 (edit) closed Work on ontology and namespace Fadi Maali 2012-04-26 DCAT
ACTION-67 (edit) closed Send presentation Bernadette Hyland 2012-04-26
ACTION-68 (edit) closed to GET FPWD vocab? Sandro Hawke 2012-05-31 DCAT
ACTION-69 (edit) closed Create wiki page for void-dcat mapping Richard Cyganiak 2012-05-10 DCAT+VoID
ACTION-70 (edit) closed Put in place proper HTML and RDF for the dcat namespace Sandro Hawke 2012-05-10 DCAT
ACTION-71 (edit) closed Ping Ed Summers regarding DCAT ISSUE-7 and ISSUE-9 George Thomas 2012-05-10 DCAT
ACTION-72 (edit) closed Invite someone from the Prov WG to talk to one of our meetings Dave Reynolds 2012-07-05
ACTION-73 (edit) closed Summarise discussion and make a proposal for agreement or not Phil Archer 2012-08-02 DCAT
ACTION-74 (edit) closed Ask Ivan and group about possible options for decent glossary location Bernadette Hyland 2012-08-23
ACTION-75 (edit) closed Get a Computer Science Intern to spend ca. 4 hours a week on gathering data for the directory Bernadette Hyland 2012-09-13
ACTION-76 (edit) closed Tidy up the conformance language, preferably with bullet points Phil Archer 2012-09-20
ACTION-77 (edit) closed Include text in DCAT to point to the BP doc, with link to the issue in the interim Fadi Maali 2013-05-30 DCAT
ACTION-78 (edit) closed Include all updates and distribute next version of ORG vocabulary by next Thursday's meeting (4th Oct) Dave Reynolds 2012-10-04 Organization Ontology
ACTION-79 (edit) closed And bartvanLeeuwen to review the final version of the ORG vocabulary for content and typo errors before the document is released as LC Michael Hausenblas 2012-10-04 Organization Ontology
ACTION-80 (edit) closed Phil Archer and DaveReynolds to sort out W3C ORG "identifier" issue off-line Phil Archer 2012-10-11
ACTION-81 (edit) closed Make a doodle for 8 nov, 29 nov and 6 dec (re Google hangout) Phil Archer 2012-10-18
ACTION-82 (edit) closed Change PhilA and olyerickson as an editor and instead acknowledge them as a "Contributor"s Fadi Maali 2012-10-25 DCAT
ACTION-83 (edit) closed Get clarification from Maxx Deckers on what DC meant in what they specified. Phil Archer 2012-11-01 DCAT
ACTION-84 (edit) closed Update DCAT FPWD with revisions from this past 2 weeks discussion Fadi Maali 2013-02-07 DCAT
ACTION-85 (edit) closed Set up f2f wiki page Bernadette Hyland 2013-01-24
ACTION-86 (edit) closed Pub guidance in bp checklist guided by Bernadette Hyland 2013-01-24 ISSUE-28
ACTION-87 (edit) closed Include life cycle information into bp (from issue-15) Bernadette Hyland 2013-01-24 ISSUE-15
ACTION-88 (edit) closed Include life cycle information into bp (from issue-15) Boris Villazón-Terrazas 2013-01-24 ISSUE-15
ACTION-89 (edit) closed propose solutions for issue-31 Dave Reynolds 2013-02-14
ACTION-90 (edit) closed Make a proposal on issue-34 Dave Reynolds 2013-02-14
ACTION-91 (edit) closed Propose solution to issue-33 Dave Reynolds 2013-02-14
ACTION-92 (edit) closed draft an informal appendix to clarify Relationship to ISO19156 - Observations & Measurements? re issue-32 Dave Reynolds 2013-02-14
ACTION-93 (edit) closed come up with a proposal on issue-29 Dave Reynolds 2013-02-28
ACTION-94 (edit) closed Check with richard on whether issue-46 can be closed, as already taken care of by regorg fpwd Phil Archer 2013-01-24
ACTION-95 (edit) closed Check back with W3C people about Glossary issue Bernadette Hyland 2013-01-31
ACTION-96 (edit) closed Ask Sandro how to proceed on getting an HTML representation for the namespace document (see ACTION-68) Richard Cyganiak 2013-02-07 DCAT
ACTION-97 (edit) closed Sketch text on ISSUE-11 (catalog records vs named graphs) Richard Cyganiak 2013-02-07 catalogrecord-and-namedgraphs
ACTION-98 (edit) closed Draft a proposal re ISSUE-14 (dcat:permanentIdentifier) Richard Cyganiak 2013-02-07 permanent identifier
ACTION-99 (edit) closed Send approved draft response to PROV-O WG Dave Reynolds 2013-02-28 Organization Ontology
ACTION-100 (edit) closed Ask PROV-O WG for feedback on ISSUE-58 Dave Reynolds 2013-02-28 Organization Ontology
ACTION-101 (edit) closed Itemize in an email the issues that can be readily decided via email. Bias towards action! Fadi Maali 2013-03-07
ACTION-102 (edit) closed Email w3c re: moving DataCube to LC Bernadette Hyland 2013-03-14
ACTION-103 (edit) closed Add links and cross-references to the Linked Data glossary Ghislain Auguste Atemezing 2013-03-14
ACTION-104 (edit) closed Make good on promises to add wording to URI persistence section etc. Phil Archer 2013-05-02
ACTION-105 (edit) closed Determine who meets the current "active participants" bar, for including in publications Sandro Hawke 2013-03-28
ACTION-106 (edit) closed Fix the comments email address on the LD glossary document Bernadette Hyland 2013-03-28
ACTION-107 (edit) closed contact Dan Gilman and PublishingStatistics list to encourage LC responses on Data Cube Dave Reynolds 2013-04-11
ACTION-108 (edit) closed Raise on the mailing list the question of whether dcat:Dataset can exist without a catalog (and thus adms:Asset can be a subclass of it), and how to clarify this in the text Makx Dekkers 2013-04-11
ACTION-109 (edit) closed Review ADMS James McKinney 2013-04-11
ACTION-110 (edit) closed Amend RegOrg to use skaos altLabel cf. dcterms alternative Phil Archer 2013-04-11
ACTION-111 (edit) closed Define RegOrg as a profile of org (and mark ISSUE-47 as closed) Phil Archer 2013-04-11
ACTION-112 (edit) closed Organize a call with people who are able to help resolve open DCAT issues. Fadi Maali 2013-04-18
ACTION-113 (edit) closed Add a dataset definition to the glossary (and cygri to help define it!!) Bernadette Hyland 2013-04-18
ACTION-114 (edit) closed Get the W3 Dir-o-matic Community Group Bernadette Hyland 2013-04-18
ACTION-115 (edit) closed Describe use case for adms:Item and look into ldp:Container Makx Dekkers 2013-04-19
ACTION-116 (edit) closed Update ADMS to define subproperties for prev/next/last and write text around that Phil Archer 2013-04-19
ACTION-117 (edit) closed Update ADMS to use DCAT properties instead of adms:distribution and dct:hasPart Phil Archer 2013-04-19
ACTION-118 (edit) closed Raise issue on adms:includedAssed vs adms:includedItem Richard Cyganiak 2013-04-19
ACTION-119 (edit) closed Write up justification for no-change approach to ISSUE-64 (Dataset vs dataset vs hasDataset) Richard Cyganiak 2013-04-19 caseSensitivity
ACTION-120 (edit) closed Fadmaa: change the editors lists on DCAT document Fadi Maali 2013-04-25
ACTION-121 (edit) closed Act on result of Makx's consultation on adms:Item (and remove it) Phil Archer 2013-04-25
ACTION-122 (edit) closed Check with cygri re DCAT usecase document future Fadi Maali 2013-04-25
ACTION-123 (edit) closed Investigate whether a student can review JSON-LD and draft a possible response from a LD perspective by 2013-05-09 John Erickson 2013-05-02
ACTION-124 (edit) closed Transition DCAT UCR editor's draft to be a WG Note (after removing pink todo section) Fadi Maali 2013-05-09
ACTION-125 (edit) closed PhilA update ADMS timetable Tope Omitola 2013-05-09
ACTION-126 (edit) closed PhilA update RegORG timetable Tope Omitola 2013-05-09
ACTION-127 (edit) closed Provide info about usage of ORG in Italy and Greece Phil Archer 2013-05-09
ACTION-128 (edit) closed Coordinate with sandro on CommonScribe replacement process. Bernadette Hyland 2013-05-16
ACTION-129 (edit) closed Update GLD WG Scribe's End of Meeting Checklist Bernadette Hyland 2013-05-16
ACTION-130 (edit) closed Update title on doc from "An organization ontology" TO "The Organization Ontology" Dave Reynolds 2013-05-16
ACTION-131 (edit) closed Communicate work with W3C staff contacts to progress to CR Hadley Beeman 2013-05-16
ACTION-132 (edit) closed Provide a sanity check on the Data Cube Use Case docs, after Dave completes his content. Phil Archer 2013-05-16
ACTION-133 (edit) closed Going to request another week to review Marios' comments Hadley Beeman 2013-05-16
ACTION-134 (edit) closed Coordinate with fadmaa to prepare DCAT for new last call publication John Erickson 2013-05-23
ACTION-135 (edit) closed Suggest changes to 5 star text John Erickson 2013-05-23
ACTION-136 (edit) closed Draft response to JSON-LD by early next week Marios Meimaris 2013-05-23
ACTION-137 (edit) closed Add contactPoint property to ADMS John Erickson 2013-05-23
ACTION-138 (edit) closed Notify Phil when contactPoint has been added so that it can be used in ADMS John Erickson 2013-05-23
ACTION-139 (edit) closed Coordinate review of DCAT issues, send a status update to the list John Erickson 2013-05-23
ACTION-140 (edit) closed Finish editing DCAT SPEC and reply to feedback email by next Tuesday Fadi Maali 2013-05-30
ACTION-141 (edit) closed Bhyland to fix the meeting page Bernadette Hyland 2013-06-06
ACTION-142 (edit) closed Bhyland to email W3CM to move both ORG and Cube to CR. Bernadette Hyland 2013-06-06
ACTION-143 (edit) closed Sandro to take Glossary to publication once the 5 stars LD section is fixed Bernadette Hyland 2013-06-06
ACTION-144 (edit) closed Ping Fadi about completing follow up responses so we can move to 2nd LC of DCAT. John Erickson 2013-06-27
ACTION-145 (edit) closed Continue pinging reviewers for Data Cube UCR until they complete review of most recent doc. Benedikt Kaempgen 2013-06-27
ACTION-146 (edit) closed Put change log for recent DCAT changes in Appendix Fadi Maali 2013-07-25
ACTION-147 (edit) closed Produce a color coded diff and share it with the GLD WG Sandro Hawke 2013-07-25
ACTION-148 (edit) closed Fold in 10 steps to Linked Open Data from Denise W & Martin K, see Bernadette Hyland 2013-08-08
ACTION-149 (edit) closed Will communicate with facilitators & ask them to update terms from dcat & adms. Phil Archer 2013-10-24
ACTION-150 (edit) closed Raise with deri management to lend support & needed resources to move dcat through rec track process. Deirdre Lee 2013-10-24
ACTION-151 (edit) closed Select a second dataset that they have they can be run through the validation suite. Dave Reynolds 2013-11-07
ACTION-152 (edit) closed Update/correct reference to vcard current document (2013 not 2010 version) Sandro Hawke 2013-11-07
ACTION-153 (edit) closed Update dcat reference to sparql (as recommendation, not proposed) Sandro Hawke 2013-11-07
ACTION-155 (edit) closed Review domains and ranges as implied/stated by the spec and encoded in the schema Phil Archer 2013-11-28
ACTION-156 (edit) closed Indicate in the bp abstract that the document is unfinished and is subject to change Bernadette Hyland 2013-12-12

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