ISSUE-65: Add properties for dataset versioning


Add properties for dataset versioning

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Fadi Maali
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Last Call comment from Andrea Perego:

Datasets may include versioning information, and possibly references to
other versions of the same dataset.

The DCAT spec does not provide recommendations on how to specify this.

The current version of the ADMS spec [1] defines properties which can be
re-used for this purpose, e.g.,
- version number
- version notes
- reference(s) to previous version(s)
- reference(s) to next version(s)


A proposed resolution is not to include this in DCAT as we didn't come across a catalog that maintains versions of datasets. There exists a number of vocabularies such as xhv that can be used and ADMS supports versioning
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Not considered in this version of the vocabulary. ADMS defines a way that can be used.

Fadi Maali, 25 Jun 2013, 07:47:20

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