ISSUE-47: RegOrg should be defined as an Org profile


RegOrg should be defined as an Org profile

Registered Organization Vocabulary
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Richard Cyganiak
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The conformance section of RegOrg defines it as an individual specification and makes no reference to other vocabularies.

In our “reusable vocabulary conformance template” we have created the notion of a “profile” of a vocabulary, meaning a subset, extension or concretization that may add additional terms or additional restrictions.

If there ever was a situation where that profile mechanism could be applied, it's with Org and RegOrg. Surely, RegOrg should be a profile of Org? (Unless there is a clear use case that calls for the use of RegOrg in a way that is non-conformant to Org, but I can't see that right now.)

So the WG should either:

1) Work out the proper wording that makes RegOrg an Org profile, or
2) Seriously consider re-working or dropping the profile mechanism if 1) does not seem feasible.
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Phil Archer, 4 Apr 2013, 14:58:36

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