ISSUE-63: How to treat underspecified dates in DCAT?


How to treat underspecified dates in DCAT?

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Richard Cyganiak
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DCAT recommends that dates with unknown month or day be written as 2005-01-01. We got a Last Call comment on this:

Stasinos reminded us of his earlier proposals for handling this:
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PhilA made the excellent argument in [1] that (to paraphrase) DCAT should enable providers to specify dates to the appropriate level of precision, and that to "force" providers to use xsd:date (or indeed xsd:dateTime) potentially forces a higher level of precision on the asserted date than actually may be appropriate.

I like PhilA's suggestion that we include the following language: "rdfs:Literal using the relevant ISO 8601 Date and Time compliant string and typed using the appropriate XML Schema datatype [[XMLSCHEMA-2]]"

Are there counter-arguments?


John Erickson, 17 May 2013, 14:37:16


Fadi Maali, 30 May 2013, 14:28:13

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