Participants in the Accessible Platform Architectures Working Group

This is the list of people participating in the Accessible Platform Architectures Working Group.

Statistics on participants.

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Abou-Zahra, Shadi
Picture of Shadi Abou-Zahra
W3C Staff
Bijl, Michiel
Picture of Michiel Bijl
Invited expert
Brewer, Judy
Picture of Judy Brewer
W3C Staff
Cooper, Michael
staff contact
Picture of Michael Cooper
W3C Staff
Dahl, Deborah
Picture of Deborah Dahl
W3C invited expert
Diggs, Joanmarie
Drake, Ted
Picture of Ted Drake
Faulkner, Steve
Picture of Steve Faulkner
The Paciello Group, LLC
Ferraz, Reinaldo
Picture of Reinaldo Ferraz
NIC.br - Brazilian Network Information Center
Fitzpatrick, Dónal
Picture of Dónal Fitzpatrick
Invited expert
Foliot, John
Picture of John Foliot
Deque Systems, Inc.
Gibson, Becky
Picture of Becky Gibson
Knowbility, Inc
Hakkinen, Markku
Picture of Markku Hakkinen
Educational Testing Service
Haritos-Shea, Katie
Picture of Katie Haritos-Shea
Knowbility, Inc
Hollier, Scott
Picture of Scott Hollier
Invited expert
Keohane, Susann
Picture of Susann Keohane
IBM Corporation
King, Matthew
Picture of Matthew King
Lemon, Gez
The Paciello Group, LLC
Lui, Edwina
Picture of Edwina Lui
Kaplan Publishing
Ma, Jia
Kaplan Publishing
McCarron, Shane
Picture of Shane McCarron
McCathie Nevile, Charles
Picture of Charles McCathie Nevile
Miesenberge, Klaus
Invited expert
Mueller, Mary Jo
Picture of Mary Jo Mueller
IBM Corporation
Panchang, Sailesh
Picture of Sailesh Panchang
Deque Systems, Inc.
Pouncey, Ian
The Paciello Group, LLC
Quin, Liam
Picture of Liam Quin
W3C Staff
Roselli, Adrian
Picture of Adrian Roselli
The Paciello Group, LLC
Sajka, Janina
Picture of Janina Sajka
W3C invited expert
Seeman-Kestenbaum, Lisa
Picture of Lisa Seeman-Kestenbaum
Invited expert
Siegman, Tzviya
Picture of Tzviya Siegman
Sloan, David
Picture of David Sloan
The Paciello Group, LLC
National Information Society Agency (NIA)
Vogel, Fred
Pearson plc
Watson, Léonie
The Paciello Group, LLC
White, Jason
Educational Testing Service
Wilcock, Mark
Unify Software and Solutions
Zimmermann, Gottfried
Picture of Gottfried Zimmermann
Invited expert

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