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ACTION-1 (edit) closed Consider "inconsistency in the document is the use of examples" from da Cruz in Dan Connolly 2007-11-15
ACTION-2 (edit) closed Consider "inconsistency in the document is the use of examples" from da Cruz in Dan Connolly 2007-11-15
ACTION-3 (edit) closed Contact Philip TAYLOR to help the chairs better understand his formal objection in Michael[tm] Smith 2007-11-15 html5-spec
ACTION-4 (edit) closed Draft a summary of 8 Nov video codec discussion for the mailing list. David Singer 2007-11-15 video-codecs
ACTION-5 (edit) closed Make a proposal on the mailing list for the creation of a task force for developer community outreach Karl Dubost 2007-11-16
ACTION-6 (edit) closed Create script for building PDF version of HTML5 spec using Prince Michael[tm] Smith 2007-11-16 html5-spec
ACTION-7 (edit) closed Move Planet HTML5 off of and onto Michael[tm] Smith 2008-01-10 HTML WG website
ACTION-8 (edit) closed Discuss with PFWG role attribute vs aria attribute Michael Cooper 2008-02-21 aria-role
ACTION-9 (edit) closed Discuss UML tools with DanC Michael Cooper 2007-11-30 aria-role
ACTION-10 (edit) closed Integrate into the Nov. 2007 meeting record the notes that Joshue took during the 2007-11-10 ARIA discussion Michael[tm] Smith 2007-11-17
ACTION-11 (edit) closed Show how <div aria="something"> works with URI based extensibility Dan Connolly 2008-03-13 aria-role
ACTION-12 (edit) closed Make sure the alternate URL for the spec is in the Nov. 2007 meeting record Dan Connolly 2007-11-24
ACTION-13 (edit) closed Talk to WebAPI and WAF WGs about their role in offline API stuff and how they work with and contribute to the discussion Chris Wilson 2008-02-21 offline-applications-sql
ACTION-14 (edit) closed get more information on MS patent review with <canvas> Chris Wilson 2008-06-12 HTML Principles/Requirements
ACTION-15 (edit) closed make sure non-responders are ok with proposal to publish the principles Dan Connolly 2007-11-16 html-design-principles
ACTION-16 (edit) closed put question in issue-15: does the working group want to do <canvas> Dan Connolly 2007-11-29 immediate-mode-graphics
ACTION-17 (edit) closed make sure non-responders are ok with proposal to publish the spec Dan Connolly 2007-11-16 html5-spec
ACTION-18 (edit) closed draft overview of HTML 5 offline web application support Anne van Kesteren 2007-11-16 offline-applications-sql
ACTION-19 (edit) closed work with editors to publish design principles draft Michael[tm] Smith 2007-11-22 html-design-principles
ACTION-20 (edit) closed finish editing pass based on pending comments, e.g. from August review of HTML Design Principles survey; particularly accessiblility Maciej Stachowiak 2007-11-16 html-design-principles
ACTION-21 (edit) closed Consider informal survey on canvas tactics Dan Connolly 2007-11-29
ACTION-22 (edit) closed Review offline-webapps Julian Reschke 2007-11-19 offline-applications-sql
ACTION-23 (edit) closed coordinate tests using ARIA Joshue O Connor 2008-09-30 aria-role
ACTION-24 (edit) closed suggest accessibility improvement for "Big issue" marker Dan Connolly 2008-02-21 ISSUE-26
ACTION-25 (edit) closed review oflline-webapps (proxy for Sam Ruby) Dan Connolly 2007-11-29 offline-applications-sql
ACTION-26 (edit) closed Work on getting a VCS system set up for storing test cases, by 2007-11-29 Michael[tm] Smith 2007-11-28 testsuite
ACTION-27 (edit) closed Draft a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with regarding @rel values Dan Connolly 2008-04-24 rel-ownership
ACTION-28 (edit) closed Consult with the Hypertext CG and W3C management about how much time W3C member organizations should be allowed to study the patent implications of an HTML 5 spec 1st WD Dan Connolly 2007-12-19 html5-spec
ACTION-29 (edit) closed Follow up on the idea of a free-software-compatible license for a note on HTML authoring Philippe Le Hégaret 2011-03-31
ACTION-30 (edit) closed Report back after 11-30 meeting on ARIA syntax Gregory Rosmaita 2007-12-06 aria-role
ACTION-31 (edit) closed See that Singer's summary makes it to the SJC/Dec W3C video workshop, possibly by confirming Singer's attendance Dan Connolly 2007-12-13 video-codecs
ACTION-32 (edit) closed Change the product name of "HTML 5 authoring guidelines" in the tracker to something else, eventually Michael[tm] Smith 2008-01-24 authoring guide
ACTION-33 (edit) closed Investigate an HTML WG blog, a la the way the I18N WG does it Chris Wilson 2008-02-05 authoring guide
ACTION-34 (edit) closed Prepare "Web Developer's Guide to HTML5" for publication in some way, as discussed on 2007-11-28 phone conference Dan Connolly 2009-06-19 authoring guide
ACTION-35 (edit) closed Track resolution of Nokia request to delete "should support Ogg" clause before publishing FPWD Michael[tm] Smith 2007-12-08
ACTION-36 (edit) closed Track resolution of Nokia request for the WG to "asses and draw attention to performance issues with JavaScript and graphics operations on embedded devices" Michael[tm] Smith 2007-12-08
ACTION-37 (edit) closed Announce Planet HTML5 on public-html-announce,, wherever else appropriate Michael[tm] Smith 2008-01-24 HTML WG website
ACTION-38 (edit) closed Chairs to review need for amending charter with Director Paul Cotton 2009-09-10 HTML Principles/Requirements
ACTION-39 (edit) closed Chairs to discuss action on video/audo codec and container with Philippe et al post the video workshop Chris Wilson 2007-12-20 video-codecs
ACTION-40 (edit) closed Add links on HTML WG home page to mechanism for watching changes to the HTML5 spec Michael[tm] Smith 2008-04-03 HTML WG website
ACTION-41 (edit) closed Consider a new requirements issue about the overlap with HTTP Dan Connolly 2008-01-10 http-mime-override
ACTION-42 (edit) closed Ask Olivier and Karl about progress on "story telling and test cases" since the Nov ftf Dan Connolly 2008-01-30 testsuite
ACTION-43 (edit) closed Check the "welcome to the WG" mailing list subscription message to be sure "please fill out the tasks survey" is in there Dan Connolly 2008-04-10 HTML WG website
ACTION-44 (edit) closed Investigate expected results to tests in collaboration with the IETF HTTP WG Julian Reschke 2008-01-31
ACTION-45 (edit) closed Developer EARL/hReview reports based on from a handful of user agents Dan Connolly 2008-05-22 testsuite
ACTION-46 (edit) closed Ask B. Hoehrmann about any plans to update Julian Reschke 2008-01-31
ACTION-47 (edit) closed Invite ATAG and WCAG WGs to help with HTML 5 authoring guidelines Gregory Rosmaita 2008-01-31 authoring guide
ACTION-48 (edit) closed Start mailing list on phrase level semantic elements Dan Connolly 2008-03-13
ACTION-49 (edit) closed Prompt Ian Hickson to answer the question about why the sniffing rules are a MUST Dan Connolly 2008-02-08
ACTION-50 (edit) closed Investigate separate mailing list on cavas/2d-graphics API with Doug S. and Chris W. Dan Connolly 2008-02-21
ACTION-51 (edit) closed Try to set up an HTML WG test jam in Austin 10 or 11 March Dan Connolly 2008-02-08
ACTION-52 (edit) closed Bring summary of where the Forms TF is and recommendation for action to HTML WG Anne van Kesteren 2008-02-21
ACTION-53 (edit) closed Check for offline api stuff in WebAPI proposed charter Dan Connolly 2008-02-28 offline-applications-sql
ACTION-54 (edit) closed ask PF WG to look at drafted text for HTML 5 spec to require producers/authors to include @alt on img elements Chris Wilson 2008-09-26 alt-conformance-requirements
ACTION-55 (edit) closed Ask the TAG about tag soup measurement techniques Dan Connolly 2008-04-24 commonality
ACTION-56 (edit) closed Chris Wilson to work with MikeSmith and DanC on (re)plan of action for forms coordination with Forms WG Chris Wilson 2008-06-26
ACTION-57 (edit) closed Respond to extensibility discussion Chris Wilson 2008-07-17 Decentralized-extensibility
ACTION-58 (edit) closed Update public-html on Offline Web Applications extended-abstract, addressing a few bits of outstanding feedback Anne van Kesteren 2008-05-29 offline-applications-sql
ACTION-59 (edit) closed Track progress on edits related to issue-38 style-attr-syntax in section html5/#style0 Michael[tm] Smith 2008-06-05 style-attr-syntax
ACTION-60 (edit) closed Start WG discussion of next publication; consider WBS poll Michael[tm] Smith 2008-04-24
ACTION-61 (edit) closed Ensure HTML WG responds to PF WG on Omitting alt Attribute Dan Connolly 2008-05-31 alt-conformance-requirements
ACTION-62 (edit) closed get XHTML 2 WG response to edits around name of XML serialization Michael[tm] Smith 2009-01-18 xhtml1
ACTION-63 (edit) closed Ensure HTML WG response to 6 Jun 2007 PF WG msg re table headers Michael[tm] Smith 2008-10-08 table-headers
ACTION-64 (edit) closed Update teleconference schedule to just one time Dan Connolly 2008-05-29
ACTION-65 (edit) closed Put question on html5 update WD Dan Connolly 2008-05-22
ACTION-66 (edit) closed Joshue to collate information on what spec status is with respect to table@summary, research background on rationale for retaining table@summary as a valid attribute Joshue O Connor 2008-08-29 table-summary
ACTION-67 (edit) closed Propose a test case regarding table headers/id Dan Connolly 2008-06-26 table-headers
ACTION-68 (edit) closed try factoring URI/URL stuff out as a separate draft Dan Connolly 2009-03-18 urls-webarch
ACTION-69 (edit) closed Produce poll on integrating sections of Webforms 2.0 Dan Connolly 2008-07-03
ACTION-70 (edit) closed Review/edit tracker definitions: Chris Wilson 2008-07-24
ACTION-71 (edit) closed Bring up SVG/DOM issue on list Chris Wilson 2008-07-24
ACTION-72 (edit) closed monitor progress of testing re 20 Dec HTML 5 spec draft and test materials from WCAG 2 Sam Ruby 2009-04-09 table-headers
ACTION-73 (edit) closed Follow up on WAI-ARIA markup thread, emphasizing the conformance point Dan Connolly 2008-07-31 aria-processing
ACTION-74 (edit) closed Raise on the list for discussion the issue of XSLT output=html (non)compliance in HTML5 Michael[tm] Smith 2008-08-28 doctype-legacy-compat
ACTION-75 (edit) closed Raise question to group about Yes, leave @profile out, No, re-add it -- and cite Hixie's summary of the discussion Michael[tm] Smith 2009-02-19 head-profile
ACTION-76 (edit) closed Create poll on issue-32, based on Joshue's page from action-66 Chris Wilson 2009-01-31 table-summary
ACTION-77 (edit) closed Lead HTML WG to response to TAG discussion and report back to TAG Michael[tm] Smith 2009-02-19 normative-language-reference
ACTION-78 (edit) closed work on text and heading for 1.5.4 Relationship to Flash, Silverlight, XUL and similar proprietary languages Lachlan Hunt 2009-03-01 HTML 5 spec
ACTION-79 (edit) closed - send email to spark issue-60 Larry Masinter 2009-02-11 html5-xhtml-namespace
ACTION-80 (edit) closed Ian Hickson to write an assessment of possible sections to split out and estimated hours of work Chris Wilson 2008-11-24 HTML 5 spec
ACTION-81 (edit) closed Hixie to put content-type sniffing section on list of sections to find an editor for Chris Wilson 2008-10-31
ACTION-82 (edit) closed Ian Hickson to look for another editor for sniffing section 2008-11-24 HTML 5 spec
ACTION-83 (edit) closed Come up with a 16x16 image icon for IE for implementation chart Chris Wilson 2009-02-06 testsuite
ACTION-84 (edit) closed Prepare status report on @headers discussion by next week Joshue O Connor 2008-11-19 table-headers
ACTION-85 (edit) closed compare "Smart Headers" with HTML5 algorithm Ben Millard 2008-12-01 table-headers
ACTION-86 (edit) closed Review Thomas Broyer's IETF ID to see if we can postpone ISSUE-13 Julian Reschke 2009-08-27 handling-http-401-status
ACTION-87 (edit) closed Ensure Ian Hickson follows up on semantics-tables messages Michael[tm] Smith 2008-12-20 table-headers
ACTION-88 (edit) closed Look into anne's ticket 206755 from somewhat related to Dan Connolly 2008-12-06
ACTION-89 (edit) closed Make a proposal to the WebApps WG that we take this on as a work item there, with Adam Barth as the editor Michael[tm] Smith 2009-01-06 origin-req-scope
ACTION-90 (edit) closed Ask Matt May if he can help represent WAI WGs in the HTML WG Larry Masinter 2009-01-15 alt-conformance-requirements
ACTION-91 (edit) closed Propose 'legacy-compat' and report on feedback Sam Ruby 2009-01-29 doctype-legacy-compat
ACTION-92 (edit) closed Ask Matt May if he can help represent WAI WGs in the HTML WG Larry Masinter 2009-01-15 alt-conformance-requirements
ACTION-93 (edit) closed Make a proposal on doctypes and versioning Larry Masinter 2009-02-16 html-versioning
ACTION-94 (edit) closed Report back on SVG WG's integration proposal re: issue-37 Doug Schepers 2009-03-11 html-svg-mathml
ACTION-95 (edit) closed Send mail to WG saying we will issue new WD Chris Wilson 2009-01-22 ISSUE-65
ACTION-96 (edit) closed to ensure editor removes Origin header: from spec Henri Sivonen 2009-09-09 origin-req-scope
ACTION-97 (edit) closed Following SVG-in-HTML thread, propose decentralized extensibility strategy for HTML5 Adrian Bateman 2009-09-30 Decentralized-extensibility
ACTION-98 (edit) closed Discuss missing-alt with the WAI CG and report back Matthew May 2009-06-11 alt-conformance-requirements
ACTION-99 (edit) closed Propose head/@profile/microdata solution Chris Wilson 2009-09-10 head-profile
ACTION-100 (edit) closed Add a note about issue-67 to the Status section of "HTML 5: The Markup Language" Michael[tm] Smith 2009-05-28 h:tml-parsing-dom
ACTION-101 (edit) closed Publish the spec and diff Michael[tm] Smith 2009-02-12 ISSUE-65
ACTION-102 (edit) closed Publish update of html5 spec and \"differences from html 4\" Michael[tm] Smith 2009-02-05
ACTION-103 (edit) closed Register about: URI scheme Lachlan Hunt 2009-09-24 doctype-legacy-compat
ACTION-104 (edit) closed Inquire about table summary and headers status at PFWG caucus on 2009-02-06 Chris Wilson 2009-02-26 table-summary
ACTION-105 (edit) closed Should arrange a meeting between chairs of HTML WG and XHTML2 WG to ensure there is a plan for coordination of vocabularies to avoid incompatibilities. Sam Ruby 2009-07-02 html5-xhtml-namespace
ACTION-106 (edit) closed Work out with co-chair and staff how to spark test suite coordination next week Dan Connolly 2009-06-30 testsuite
ACTION-107 (edit) closed recruit ARIA joint-TF members Cynthia Shelly 2009-02-26 aria-processing
ACTION-108 (edit) closed Report back on the TAG's work on versioning wrt HTML Larry Masinter 2009-08-20 html-versioning
ACTION-109 (edit) closed hand out work to reviewers of H:TML Michael[tm] Smith 2009-07-23 normative-language-reference
ACTION-110 (edit) closed Add note to H:TML draft about what's currently missing and planned to be added Michael[tm] Smith 2009-07-23 normative-language-reference
ACTION-111 (edit) closed Send call to working group on summary to update wiki in preparation for vote Sam Ruby 2009-06-18 table-summary
ACTION-112 (edit) closed Update with placeholder doc from gsnedders Michael[tm] Smith 2009-03-03 WF2-superseded-by-HTML5
ACTION-113 (edit) closed Get Sam and Chris to look at Dan Connolly 2009-03-03
ACTION-114 (edit) closed Report progress on ARIA TF Cynthia Shelly 2009-08-20 aria-processing
ACTION-115 (edit) closed Set up WBS for HTML WG participants to attend HTML WG f2f during TPAC 2009 Michael[tm] Smith 2009-05-28
ACTION-116 (edit) closed Coordinate review of current H:TML draft Michael[tm] Smith 2009-05-28 normative-language-reference
ACTION-117 (edit) closed Get svg working group to propose specific text Doug Schepers 2009-03-26 html-svg-mathml
ACTION-118 (edit) closed Reformat the document on URLs in HTML 5 as an Internet Draft Dan Connolly 2009-05-07 urls-webarch
ACTION-119 (edit) closed Push HTML diffs document and HTML5 out for another public draft Michael[tm] Smith 2009-04-23 HTML 5 spec
ACTION-120 (edit) closed Talk with Michael Cooper and PFWG about possibility of better facilitating comments on ARIA spec Michael[tm] Smith 2009-04-23
ACTION-121 (edit) closed Submit id for URLs in HTML 5 Dan Connolly 2009-05-31 urls-webarch
ACTION-122 (edit) closed Make author guide user stylesheet work with the W3C version of the spec as well Michael[tm] Smith 2009-05-14
ACTION-123 (edit) closed Discuss choice of embedding vcard microdata instead of referencing IETF spec and defining conformance reqs for HTML5 Sam Ruby 2009-10-31 predefined-voc
ACTION-124 (edit) closed start discussion of about: scheme on uri-review list Larry Masinter 2009-06-18 doctype-legacy-compat
ACTION-125 (edit) closed Coordinate with LMM and DanC to get an Internet Draft that addresses some HTML 5 href issues Julian Reschke 2009-08-13 urls-webarch
ACTION-126 (edit) closed Send a call to the WG to update the Wiki page to adequately reflect both (all) viewpoints on summary, in prep. for a vote Sam Ruby 2009-06-11 table-summary
ACTION-127 (edit) closed establish process for "official WG response" to other WG's RFC on LC drafts Maciej Stachowiak 2010-02-04
ACTION-128 (edit) closed Work with PF to find an owner for drafting @summary text proposal Cynthia Shelly 2009-08-20 table-summary
ACTION-129 (edit) closed insure that the versioning discussion at least touches on XHTML 2 interactions with the /1999/xhtml namespace Larry Masinter 2009-08-13 html-versioning
ACTION-130 (edit) closed Review status of video codec positions David Singer 2009-12-03 video-codecs
ACTION-131 (edit) closed Draft ALT spec Steve Faulkner 2009-11-14 alt-conformance-requirements
ACTION-132 (edit) closed Report on canvas accessibility Steve Faulkner 2009-08-28 canvas-accessibility
ACTION-133 (edit) closed Develop an accessibility API and model for canvas as well as attributes to specify alternative content Richard Schwerdtfeger 2009-12-17 canvas-accessibility
ACTION-134 (edit) closed Look at ways to integrate test from browsers into a WG test suite Doug Schepers 2009-09-15
ACTION-135 (edit) closed Seek review from Dick Bulterman Michael[tm] Smith 2009-08-27 video-smil
ACTION-136 (edit) closed Send draft to the list, due in three weeks Matthew May 2009-09-17 table-summary
ACTION-137 (edit) closed Update IRI spec based on comments to Public-IRI (Including those from HTML-WG members), Larry Masinter 2009-10-21 urls-webarch
ACTION-138 (edit) closed Produce an ARIA matrix based on Henri's work Steve Faulkner 2010-04-15 HTML 5 spec
ACTION-139 (edit) closed Propose 3 separate HTML5 drafts and the external Microdata draft Manu Sporny 2009-10-01 Microdata/RDFa
ACTION-140 (edit) closed Follow up with sean hayes Cynthia Shelly 2009-09-03 video-accessibility
ACTION-141 (edit) closed Document Last Call comment process Maciej Stachowiak 2009-10-08
ACTION-142 (edit) closed Look into some questions we have about how the W3C Patent Policy obligations would apply to a joint TF. Philippe Le Hégaret 2009-09-17
ACTION-143 (edit) closed Get co-chairs to bring forward a concrete proposal for a testing task force (including scope) Paul Cotton 2009-09-17
ACTION-144 (edit) closed Update a separate spec for profile attribute Manu Sporny 2009-10-29 head-profile
ACTION-145 (edit) closed Write a Change Proposal for summary Cynthia Shelly 2009-11-08 table-summary
ACTION-146 (edit) closed Ask for a volunteer to run the testing Task Force Paul Cotton 2009-10-08
ACTION-147 (edit) closed Work with Manu on making HTML+RDFa ready to publish Paul Cotton 2009-10-08 Microdata/RDFa
ACTION-148 (edit) closed Recruit a Task Force facilitator for the HTML WG Paul Cotton 2009-10-08
ACTION-149 (edit) closed Issue a CfC to approve the accessibility Task Force and testing Task Force Maciej Stachowiak 2009-10-01
ACTION-150 (edit) closed Create a bugzilla entry on head/@profile Manu Sporny 2009-10-15
ACTION-151 (edit) closed Enter a bugzilla entry on MathML 3.0 Paul Cotton 2009-10-15
ACTION-152 (edit) closed Check on Change Proposal for dt/dd semantics Maciej Stachowiak 2009-11-10 dt-dd-semantics
ACTION-153 (edit) closed Outline unconference format for F2F meeting - 1 week Maciej Stachowiak 2009-10-22
ACTION-154 (edit) closed Check on F2F room size and number of participants Paul Cotton 2009-10-22
ACTION-155 (edit) closed Send CFC for review of decision policy Maciej Stachowiak 2009-10-29
ACTION-156 (edit) closed Send request for change proposals on outstanding open issues Sam Ruby 2009-10-29
ACTION-157 (edit) closed Request two smaller rooms (big enough for 10-12 people) for breakout sessions Michael[tm] Smith 2009-10-29
ACTION-158 (edit) closed Bring question to group: Do we want changing of element handler and role semantics via attributes to be deprecated? Steve Faulkner 2009-12-31 HTML 5 spec
ACTION-159 (edit) closed Document Extensibility Use Case for Editors on Wiki Adrian Bateman 2009-12-17 Decentralized-extensibility
ACTION-160 (edit) closed Write a Change Proposal for ISSUE-27 Paul Cotton 2010-01-21 rel-ownership
ACTION-161 (edit) closed Monitor Deadline: Leif Halvard Silli to Write a Change Proposal for ISSUE-88 Maciej Stachowiak 2010-01-26 content-language-multiple
ACTION-162 (edit) closed Bug tracker for web site? Michael[tm] Smith 2010-01-07
ACTION-163 (edit) closed MediaWiki successor for current MoinMoin based wiki Michael[tm] Smith 2010-02-10
ACTION-164 (edit) closed Bug 5821 - to be tracked as an issue? Michael[tm] Smith 2010-01-07
ACTION-165 (edit) closed Draft a proposal for accessibility of canvas due 25 Feb 2010 Richard Schwerdtfeger 2010-04-15 canvas-accessibility
ACTION-166 (edit) closed Recheck status of issues 10 and 73 Paul Cotton 2009-12-24
ACTION-167 (edit) closed Update table-summary Cynthia Shelly 2010-01-14 table-summary
ACTION-168 (edit) closed Prepare H:TML for First Public Working Draft Michael[tm] Smith 2010-01-28 normative-language-reference
ACTION-169 (edit) closed Send an email to the dublin core group Larry Masinter 2010-01-14
ACTION-170 (edit) closed Update A11Y timeline for tracker related issues Janina Sajka 2010-03-11
ACTION-171 (edit) closed update URL change proposal to address rationale for rejecting bug Larry Masinter 2010-02-26 urls-webarch
ACTION-172 (edit) closed Insure Change Proposal for ISSUE-4 (versioning) also covers ISSUE-84 (legacy doctype) Larry Masinter 2010-02-25 legacy-doctypes
ACTION-173 (edit) closed Update Change Proposal for ISSUE-31 missing-alt Steve Faulkner 2010-02-10 alt-conformance-requirements
ACTION-174 (edit) closed Send info about IETF IRI working group, next meeting, mailing list, status of documents, etc., to HTML WG Larry Masinter 2010-02-15 urls-webarch
ACTION-175 (edit) closed Follow-up on defining and extending the profile attribute Julian Reschke 2010-04-15
ACTION-176 (edit) closed Respond to the TAG request on polyglot documents Sam Ruby 2010-04-01
ACTION-177 (edit) closed Open a bug about HTML elements mapping to ARIA and A11y APIs Cynthia Shelly 2010-04-15
ACTION-178 (edit) closed Contact the various chairs/co-chairs to resolve the use of the text/html mime type Philippe Le Hégaret 2010-05-27
ACTION-179 (edit) closed Set automatic copy of HG to Philippe Le Hégaret 2010-05-27
ACTION-180 (edit) closed Post more videos for testing Philippe Le Hégaret 2011-05-03 testsuite
ACTION-181 (edit) closed Explore extracting assertions from the HTML5 spec Philippe Le Hégaret 2011-05-03 testsuite
ACTION-182 (edit) closed Followup with Mark Nottingham about the status of the IANA registry needed for Issue-27 Paul Cotton 2010-07-01
ACTION-183 (edit) closed And Testint TF to open bug on default mode when embedding SVG in HTML Kris Krueger 2010-07-15
ACTION-184 (edit) closed Ensure that someone in the WG is testing the new @rel registry setup by IANA Paul Cotton 2010-08-05
ACTION-185 (edit) closed ... for the things in html4 and html5, send a mail to the link relations email list to update these and point to the latest html5 doc Michael[tm] Smith 2010-09-02
ACTION-186 (edit) closed Investigate status of bugs on link relations Julian Reschke 2010-08-26
ACTION-187 (edit) closed Inform the group that no comments on issue-9 requirements means they will be accepted Maciej Stachowiak 2010-10-28 video-accessibility
ACTION-188 (edit) closed Assign a member of the HTML WG to follow up on link-relations registry requests Sam Ruby 2010-10-07 rel-ownership
ACTION-189 (edit) closed Check on the status of the request for spec additions related to the <track> element Paul Cotton 2010-10-21 video-accessibility
ACTION-190 (edit) closed Fix pubrules problems with "author-only" view of the HTML5 specification Michael[tm] Smith 2011-01-13
ACTION-191 (edit) closed To: Janina to ask Laura to combine working from proposal items 2 and 4 Janina Sajka 2010-11-11
ACTION-192 (edit) closed provide mapping from media accessibility requirements doc to spec changes or guidelines for UAs Frank Olivier 2010-11-11 video-accessibility
ACTION-193 (edit) closed And co-chairs to investigate how to handle standardization of websrt Philippe Le Hégaret 2011-06-26
ACTION-194 (edit) closed Draft a change proposal to issue 31 to update the definition of img element Gregory Rosmaita 2010-11-12 alt-conformance-requirements
ACTION-195 (edit) closed - propose replacement example for lady of shallot example of purely decorative use of image with code example of one of the use cases provided in prose introducing the example Gregory Rosmaita 2010-11-12 shalott-example
ACTION-196 (edit) closed Ask the IANA designated experts if this would be an acceptable model Julian Reschke 2010-11-12
ACTION-197 (edit) closed Update change proposal on bug 10592 Steve Faulkner 2010-11-12 aria-mapping
ACTION-198 (edit) closed Update change proposal for bug 10594 and 10603 Steve Faulkner 2010-11-12 aria-mapping
ACTION-199 (edit) closed Update the wiki Kris Krueger 2010-11-12
ACTION-200 (edit) closed Add reftest handling in the test harness Kris Krueger 2010-11-12
ACTION-201 (edit) closed Report on progress in rendering a WG decision on ISSUE-41 Sam Ruby 2011-02-03 Decentralized-extensibility
ACTION-202 (edit) closed Reconcile W3C pubrules with editor's request to publish polyglot document in polyglot format Michael[tm] Smith 2011-05-26 Polyglot
ACTION-203 (edit) closed Develop a usable LC comment form Steve Faulkner 2011-06-09
ACTION-204 (edit) closed Ping hixie on status of P1 bugs Sam Ruby 2011-10-06
ACTION-205 (edit) closed Contact the TAG [noah, jeni] to find out the status of the html data tf Paul Cotton 2011-11-17
ACTION-206 (edit) closed Ensure the weekly telcon agendas contain a link to the latest post in karl's series Sam Ruby 2011-11-10
ACTION-207 (edit) closed Confirm that change proposal for av_param is still active Paul Cotton 2012-02-07 av_param
ACTION-208 (edit) closed Sync up with Peter St. Andre on URL processing draft and report back in two weeks Michael[tm] Smith 2011-12-01
ACTION-209 (edit) closed Set up an encrypted media propsal task force, due next week Paul Cotton 2012-03-08
ACTION-210 (edit) closed Get JF to deliver a revised ISSUE-204 change proposal by next friday Sam Ruby 2012-05-10 aria-hidden
ACTION-211 (edit) closed Ted O'Connor to write up a video-transcript IDref proposal for ISSUE-194 by Fri May 11 Sam Ruby 2012-05-26
ACTION-212 (edit) closed Draft revised HTML WG charter for May 31 Michael[tm] Smith 2012-06-21
ACTION-213 (edit) closed Get JF to deliver a revised ISSUE-194 change proposal by next friday Sam Ruby 2012-05-31 full-transcript
ACTION-214 (edit) closed Get JF to deliver a revised ISSUE-194 change proposal by next friday Sam Ruby 2012-05-11 full-transcript
ACTION-215 (edit) closed Get JF to deliver a revised ISSUE-194 change proposal by next friday Sam Ruby 2012-05-11 full-transcript
ACTION-216 (edit) closed Update ISSUE-199 proposal based on Ted's Michael Cooper 2012-05-31 aria-processing
ACTION-217 (edit) closed Create a joint Path location add hit testing binding CP for ISSUE-201 that binds canvas to fallback content (Rich, Ted, Frank) Richard Schwerdtfeger 2012-06-21 canvas-fallback
ACTION-218 (edit) closed Determine day and time for a weekly Media teleconference Paul Cotton 2012-05-22
ACTION-219 (edit) closed Review Michael Cooper's CP for ISSUE-199a Theresa O'Connor 2012-06-22 aria-processing
ACTION-220 (edit) closed Work with Matthew to get an editor's draft submitted to the WG for proposed adaptive image element Adrian Bateman 2012-08-24
ACTION-221 (edit) closed Create a bugzilla component for the Adaptive Image Element Proposal Paul Cotton 2012-09-27
ACTION-222 (edit) closed Create a preference poll for the appcache mailing list Maciej Stachowiak 2012-10-18
ACTION-223 (edit) closed Figure out how extension specs can refer to HTML 5.1 Paul Cotton 2012-11-08
ACTION-224 (edit) closed Summarise I18N discussion and bugs, copy public-i18n Robin Berjon 2012-11-09
ACTION-225 (edit) closed Bring microdata proposals to the working group 1) terminate as a note, 2) take attributes to CR, 3) move to 5.1 Sam Ruby 2013-04-30
ACTION-226 (edit) closed Make sure that the organizational structure of github test suite is well documented Kris Krueger 2013-05-13
ACTION-227 (edit) closed Give us a clear indication as to which html5 bugs apply to CR Robin Berjon 2013-06-10
ACTION-228 (edit) closed Revive thread on text track cue open bugs Glenn Adams 2013-05-30
ACTION-229 (edit) closed Check the status of the authoring spec Paul Cotton 2013-12-19
ACTION-230 (edit) closed Report on chairs plan for work on dom4 Paul Cotton 2013-10-10
ACTION-231 (edit) closed Coordinate with web apps on the streams api, give them mse requirements and timeline Paul Cotton 2013-11-21
ACTION-232 (edit) closed Work with wendy to make sure we get a security review Paul Cotton 2013-11-21
ACTION-233 (edit) closed Report back about the plan for 20944 due 2013-12-15 Paul Cotton 2013-12-15
ACTION-234 (edit) closed Resolve bug 21579 and will provide spec text Steve Faulkner 2014-01-23
ACTION-235 (edit) closed Resolve 19728 Theresa O'Connor 2014-01-23
ACTION-236 (edit) closed Resolve bug as discussed Erika Doyle Navara 2013-11-21
ACTION-237 (edit) closed Give us a revised overview of testing document - in 4 weeks Robin Berjon 2013-12-16
ACTION-238 (edit) closed Provide updated results for canvas 2d level 1 Robin Berjon 2014-04-30
ACTION-239 (edit) closed Rephrase the warnings in dom4 Robin Berjon 2014-04-15
ACTION-240 (edit) closed Look at the webidl Robin Berjon 2014-04-15
ACTION-241 (edit) closed Provide an updated draft for dom4 Robin Berjon 2014-04-15
ACTION-242 (edit) closed Compile list of sections of html5 spec that are failing tests Robin Berjon 2014-05-30
ACTION-243 (edit) closed Make sure html5 bugs filed for item #3 Paul Cotton 2014-04-16
ACTION-244 (edit) closed Draft a page explaining the failures in the dom test suite Robin Berjon 2014-04-16
ACTION-245 (edit) closed Submit mutation observer tests to webplatform Kris Krueger 2014-04-16
ACTION-246 (edit) closed Produce a heartbeat with feature removals and at risk items taken into account Robin Berjon 2014-04-16
ACTION-247 (edit) closed Go through section 5 to check which section is testable or not Robin Berjon 2014-04-16
ACTION-248 (edit) closed Triage section 5 into hard and easy tests Kris Krueger 2014-04-16
ACTION-249 (edit) open Triage new whatwg updates, html bugs, landscape document in order to list priority content for modules Robin Berjon 2015-04-05
ACTION-250 (edit) pending review Prepare cfc concerning moving dom4 to the new process Paul Cotton 2014-11-07
ACTION-251 (edit) closed Contact public identifiers and form http extension proponents to ask what they plan to do w/ the specs Sam Ruby 2015-01-31
ACTION-252 (edit) open - contact polyglot proponents to ask what they plan to do w/ the spec Sam Ruby 2015-06-30
ACTION-253 (edit) open File bugs on implementors re: html json form submission Robin Berjon 2015-05-23
ACTION-254 (edit) closed Triage and prioritise DOM bugs based on incompatible tests (+XMLDocument#load) Robin Berjon 2015-04-06
ACTION-255 (edit) closed Create new editors' list Robin Berjon 2014-11-18
ACTION-256 (edit) closed Issue cfc on using 2014 process document for a html 5.1 heartbeat Sam Ruby 2015-03-09
ACTION-257 (edit) closed Work with steve f to prepare an appropriate aria in html document and to issue a cfc for the fpwd of this document Sam Ruby 2015-03-09
ACTION-258 (edit) closed Reach out to editing and media tf about f2f plans Paul Cotton 2015-03-09

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