ACTION-8: Discuss with PFWG role attribute vs aria attribute

Discuss with PFWG role attribute vs aria attribute

Michael Cooper
Due on:
February 21, 2008
Created on:
November 10, 2007
Associated Issue:
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Related notes:

Michael C, pls update due date with a realistic timeframe for completing the discussion.

Dan Connolly, 29 Nov 2007, 17:06:06

Discussion within PF (Member-only minutes):

Michael Cooper, 4 Dec 2007, 19:51:21

Planning to discuss this at ARIA Editors Face to Face, Hope to achieve final resolution then.

Other discussion

Joint meeting at TPAC:
Hyptertext coordination group:

Michael Cooper, 4 Jan 2008, 17:58:18

moving this back a couple weeks unless/until I see news on ARIA

Dan Connolly, 23 Jan 2008, 17:12:05


Chris Wilson, 15 Feb 2008, 00:26:50

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