ACTION-30: Report back after 11-30 meeting on ARIA syntax

Report back after 11-30 meeting on ARIA syntax

Gregory Rosmaita
Due on:
December 6, 2007
Created on:
November 29, 2007
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  1. {minutes} HTML WG teleconference 2007-11-29 (from on 2007-12-11)

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the minutes from the informal ARIA syntax meeting can be found in member-confidential web space using the following URI:

as noted in a from Al Gilman (chair of Protocols & Formats WG) to the member-confidential w3c-wai-pf emailing list, archived at:

Nothing is cast in concrete yet.

We had a tactical session on how to put together a draft building on the
TPAC discussions today. I expect to bring the outline of that
approach to the PFWG call for discussion this coming Wednesday, 5
December [2007]. Assuming that the Group is OK with the immediate plans, I
expect to report what we are doing through the Hypertext CG in time
for the 7 December call.

Gregory Rosmaita, 3 Dec 2007, 20:35:31

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