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How we work

The Community Group serves as the public discussion forum for the project.

As an independent project, has its own steering group (chaired by R.V.Guha) and site terms of service. All updates, changes and improvements to are now proposed, discussed and debated within the public Community Group at W3C. The focus of this page and nearby materials is on day-to-day practicalities. A more general overview of how the project works is also available.

The chair of the W3C Community Group (Dan Brickley) also serves as the project webmaster, managing the workflow between the Community Group (CG) and Steering Group (SG). The project makes periodic new releases based on rough consensus in the CG, with the final approval of the SG. SG members also participate directly in the CG, whose discussions are often more active and detailed in’s Github repository than in the CG’s mailing list.

Please do not use this Community Group as a mechanism for reporting bugs and problems with specific search engine’s products and features – company-specific sites are more effective for these topics.

In future this page should grow to serve as a hub for practical information about collaborations.


Other Community Groups at W3C:

A technical guide to the mechanics of publishing releases is also available within the Github repository.

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