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Call for Final Specification Commitments for Web Media API Snapshot 2017

On 2017-12-20 The Web Media API Community Group published the following specification: Web Media API Snapshot 2017. This is a call for Final Specification Commitments. To provide greater patent protection for this specification, participants in the Web Media API Community … Continue reading

Proposal for TouristDestination and TouristTrip Submitted to

A proposal has been submitted to the community for the creation of two new Types — TouristDestination & TouristTrip TouristDestination A tourist destination. In principle any Place can be a TouristDestination from a City, Region or Country to an AmusementPark or Hotel. This Type can be used on its own to describe a general TourstDestination, … Continue reading

W3C发布Web内容无障碍指南(WCAG 2.1)规范工作草案

2017年12月7日, W3C发布Web内容无障碍指南(Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, WCAG, 2.1)工作草案(Working Draft),集广泛审阅意见,并计划于2018年1月发布该文档的候选推荐标准(Candidate Recommendation)。从设计思路上,WCAG 2.1扩展了WCAG 2.0,涵盖了更广泛的建议,使得残障人士更容易地访问Web内容,并且也更便于一般用户使用。 欢迎公众于2018年11月12日之前,通过GitHub WCAG 2.1 GitHub repository,或者邮件列表public-agwg-comments@w3.org提交审阅意见。更多内容,请参阅英文原文。 WCAG 2.1 final Working Draft A final Working Draft of Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1 has been published for wide review before a … Continue reading