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Linguistic Linked Data in selected domains: 5th and 6th LIDER Roadmapping Workshops to be held in July 2015

In the last 1 1/2 years, the LIDER project has organized several roadmapping events to gather a broad community around the topic of linguistic linked data. In July this year, LIDER will engage with two selected communities. On July 6, … Continue reading

OSMRec – Α tool for automatic annotation of spatial entities in OpenStreetMap

GeoKnow has recently introduced OSMRec, a JOSM plugin for automatic annotation of spatial features (entities) into OpenStreetMap.  OSMRec trains on existing OSM data and is able to recommend to users OSM categories, in order to annotate newly inserted spatial entities. This … Continue reading

New guidanace from European Data Protection Supervisor

New information available from the European Data Protection Supervisor on mHealth – mobile health. As healthcare and ICT converage at a growing pace, there are important implications for patient data privacy and security. Of course always a balance  between stimulating … Continue reading


2015年5月21日,W3C HTML工作组(HTML Working Group)发布了在HTML中使用ARIA(Notes on Using ARIA in HTML)的标准工作草案。该文档实际地指导了开发者如何向HTML文档中添加由WAI-ARIA 1.1规范(Accessible Rich Internet Applications specification, WAI-ARIA 1.1) 所规定的无障碍辅助信息,从而使残障人士更容易获得Web内容和访问Web应用。该文档展示了如何在HTML5.1中使用WAI-ARIA,尤其是如何无障碍的使用由Ajax, HTML, JavaScript及相关技术所开发的动态内容及用户界面。