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Big Data Europe presented at European Innovation Partnership (EIP) on Water Conference and ICT4Water

Today, 09.02.2016, the annual European Innovation Partnership (EIP) on Water Conference started inLeeuwarden, the Netherlands with a full day of ~20 workshops and working group meetings et al…. The Big Data Europe (BDE) project was presented in a 15 minutes … Continue reading

SC5 BDE Presentation in the EGU General Assembly, Vienna, 17-22 April, 2016

Abstract Title: Towards Supporting Climate Scientists and Impact Assessment Analysts with the Big Data Europe Platform Authors: Iraklis Klampanos (1), Diamando Vlachogiannis (1), Spyros Andronopoulos (1), Antonio Cofiño (2), Angelos Charalambidis (1), Rob Lokers (3), Stasinos Konstantopoulos (1), and Vangelis … Continue reading

Uniformly defined Information: URL (of domain space definition) plus sequence of numbers

Let me mention that the approach has a good foundation: Basically information means selection within a domain (value or definition set). For comparable information the domain should be the same for all. Strictly speaking for objectivity and precision of information … Continue reading

1st online hangout wrap-up: Big Data in the Climate domain

The National Centre for Scientific Research “Demokritos” (Climate domain) and Franhaufer IAIS (Project coordinator) organized on January 12, 2016 the first online hangout about Big Data in the H2020 Societal Challenge SC5 “Climate action, environment, resource efficiency and raw materials” … Continue reading


W3C/WAI 的教育和拓展工作组 (Education and Outreach Working Group,EOWG) 当前正在开发Web无障碍相关的材料,今年可能将会涉及如下项目: * Web无障碍相关的教程; * 规划和管理Web无障碍的资料; * Web无障碍对比案例展示; * 其它相关项目请参考链接: <> 如果您和您的同事有意向参与教育和拓展工作组的项目,可以通过问卷调查、 Github、wiki贡献意见和想法,并且,我们将在下周通过电话会议 为参与者分享 工作组信息。 * 电话会议:教育和拓展工作组考虑到亚太和北美西海岸地区的众多参与者,正在 增加第二个电话会议时间。我们邀请您或您的同事参与到这次引导性电话会议,了 解 相关工作。 * 时间: 协调世界时:1月21日,上午,1:30 澳大利亚西部时间:1月21日,上午,9:30 中国标准时间:1月21日,上午,9:30 其它时区请参考:<> * 参与方式: WebEx: <> Meeting password (会议密码):   … Continue reading