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understanding the difficulties experienced with Description Logics

I am looking for people to spend 15 minutes with a study into the difficulties experienced understanding and reasoning with DLs. See All responses will be anonymised and only aggregate results will be published. Everyone who has participated so … Continue reading


大家好, 非常感谢董福興、陳奕鈞和梁海在过去的一年时间里,以志愿协作的方式完成了《中文排版规范》的初稿[1]。 本规范旨在总结中文语言里的需求,为CSS、HTML、dPub等规范提供实现支持中文正确显示的依据,也祈求能帮助实现文化的传承。由于时间和个人阅历等限制,这份初稿可能还没有涵盖中文各方面的细节需求。欢迎大家审阅本稿,集思广益,通过邮件(或者GitHub[2]提供对相关知识点的见解。 你的每点建议,都能帮助CSS、HTML、数字出版甚至Web更好地支持中文 [1] [2]

Github is where we’re working!

The group has been busy on GitHub, primarily with specification work, but also  with supporting code in adjacent repositories in the WebBluetoothCG GitHub organization. Participate using GitHub’s tools which enable following projects, filing issues (e.g. spec issues), submitting pull requests, etc. Email notifications make … Continue reading

Why Transitional Doc Type is Invalid

When I run my website through W3C CSS Validation Service and it shows error for the DOC type (<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC “-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN” “”>). It suggests to use  simple ‘<!DOCTYPE html>’ and I’m wondering if this is HTML5 … Continue reading