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Proposed ARIA attribute is defined in WAI-ARIA


This rule checks that each aria- attribute specified is defined in ARIA 1.2.


This rule applies to any attribute that starts with aria-.


Each target attribute is defined in WAI-ARIA Specifications.


There are no assumptions.

Accessibility Support

There are no accessibility support issues known.


The presence of unknown ARIA attributes is often the result of a typo or other developer error. These attributes are ignored by browsers and other assistive technologies. This often means that a state or property which should exist is missing.


Accessibility Requirements Mapping

Secondary Requirements

This rule is related to the following accessibility requirements, but was not designed to test this requirements directly. These secondary requirements can either be stricter than the rule requires, or may be satisfied in ways not tested by the rule:

Input Aspects

The following aspects are required in using this rule.

Test Cases


Passed Example 1

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This article element has an aria-atomic attribute which is defined in WAI-ARIA Specifications.

<article aria-atomic="true">This is a description of something cool...</article>

Passed Example 2

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This div element with a role of dialog has an aria-modal attribute which is defined in WAI-ARIA Specifications.

<div role="dialog" aria-modal="true">Contains modal content...</div>

Passed Example 3

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This div element with a role of textbox has multiple aria- attributes which are defined in WAI-ARIA Specifications.

	aria-label="Enter your hobbies"

Passed Example 4

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This input element with a type of number has multiple aria- attributes specified which are all defined in WAI-ARIA Specifications.

<label for="spinbutton">Enter a number between 0 and 100:</label>
<input id="spinbutton" aria-valuemax="100" aria-valuemin="0" aria-valuenow="25" type="number" value="25" />


Failed Example 1

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This div element with a role of checkbox has an aria-not-checked attribute which is not defined in WAI-ARIA Specifications.

<div role="checkbox" aria-not-checked="true">All conditions are met</div>

Failed Example 2

Open in a new tab

This div element with a role of searchbox has an aria-labelled attribute (instead of aria-labelledby) which is not defined in WAI-ARIA Specifications.

<span id="label">Birthday:</span>
<div contenteditable role="searchbox" aria-labelled="label" aria-placeholder="MM-DD-YYYY">


Inapplicable Example 1

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This canvas element does not have an aria- attribute specified.

<canvas> </canvas>



An outcome is a conclusion that comes from evaluating an ACT Rule on a test subject or one of its constituent test target. An outcome can be one of the three following types:

Note: A rule has one passed or failed outcome for every test target. When there are no test targets the rule has one inapplicable outcome. This means that each test subject will have one or more outcomes.

Note: Implementations using the EARL10-Schema can express the outcome with the outcome property. In addition to passed, failed and inapplicable, EARL 1.0 also defined an incomplete outcome. While this cannot be the outcome of an ACT Rule when applied in its entirety, it often happens that rules are only partially evaluated. For example, when applicability was automated, but the expectations have to be evaluated manually. Such “interim” results can be expressed with the incomplete outcome.

WAI-ARIA specifications

The WAI ARIA Specifications group both the WAI ARIA W3C Recommendation and ARIA modules, namely:

Note: depending on the type of content being evaluated, part of the specifications might be irrelevant and should be ignored.

Rule Versions

  1. Latest version, 20 December 2023


This section is not part of the official rule. It is populated dynamically and not accounted for in the change history or the last modified date.

Implementation Type Consistency Report
Alfa (fully automated) 0.57.2 Automated tool Consistent Alfa (fully automated) Report
Alfa (semi-automated) 0.57.2 Semi-automated tool Consistent Alfa (semi-automated) Report
Axe DevTools Pro 4.37.1 Semi-automated tool Consistent Axe DevTools Pro Report
Axe-core 4.8.3 Automated tool Consistent Axe-core Report
Equal Access Accessibility Checker 3.1.42-rc.0 Automated tool Consistent Equal Access Accessibility Checker Report
QualWeb 3.0.0 Automated tool Consistent QualWeb Report
SortSite 6.45 Automated tool Consistent SortSite Report
Total Validator 17.4.0 Linter Consistent Total Validator Report
Total Validator (+Browser) 17.4.0 Automated tool Consistent Total Validator (+Browser) Report
ember-template-lint 5.5.1 Linter Partial ember-template-lint Report
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