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This is the working area of the Mobile Accessibility Task Force.

Administrative Resources

Current Work

Mobile Accessibility Note and WCAG Extension

  1. Mobile Accessibility Note as Published on W3C (Published 26 February 2015)
  2. Mobile Accessibility Note Editor's Draft on Github (work from 2015)
  3. Mobile Accessibility Note (Github Repository) (Issues) (work from 2015)
  4. Mobile Accessibility WCAG Extension (Editor's Draft on Github) (In Progress work, read-only version)
  5. Mobile Accessibility WCAG Extension (Github Repository) (In Progress work, link for issues and pull requests)
  6. Touch and Pointer Guideline
    1. Touch and Pointer Guideline - WCAG WG Feedback
  7. WCAG 2.1 Success Criteria Submission Requirements and links to proposed SCs

Instructions and Templates

  1. TEMPLATE for Understanding

Assignments and Proposals

  1. Subset of WCAG 2.0 Techniques Applicable to Mobile without Changes that need language update
  2. WCAG 2.0 understanding that needs language update
  3. Technique Development Assignments - Chart of existing and proposed Techniques and status
  4. Accessible Name Understanding
  5. Character Key Shortcuts Understanding
  6. Device Sensors Understanding


(This section is for collecting comment from and informing other groups)

  1. Task Force Exchange - WCAG Wiki Page that the Task Forces all have access to and can use to keep each other informed
  1. Touch Issues in WCAG 2.2.1 keyboard trap - example of extension conflict
  2. WCAG Definition of web content and native apps

Background & Discussions

  1. New_WCAG_2.0_Techniques -- Original discussion of new Mobile Techniques -2014
  2. Platform Capabilities
  3. User Agent Capabilities
  4. Mobile Accessibility Use Cases
  5. Keyboard Accessibility Use Cases
  6. Mobile A11y Best Practices
  7. Summary of Research on Touch/Pointer Target Size
  8. HISTORY: Touch and Pointer
  9. Discussion: Touch and Force Touch

Archived, In-Process and Completed Work by Topic




Gap Analysis


Best Practices

Preliminary documents for Note

Assignments Templates

Assignments Archive

  1. proposed revision of 2.5.3 This is M8 in our new numbering.
  2. Failure_of_2.5.3
  3. Touch Accessibility (Guideline 2.5)
  4. Speech Input Accessibility (Guideline 2.7)
  5. Technique: Providing error messages on small screens
  6. Technique: M015 Providing a way for users to see page they are on
  7. proposed revision of 2.5.4
  8. proposed revision of 3.4.1
  9. proposed SC on information added or removed from a page
  10. Guideline 2.6: Make it easier to use the physical features of the phone.
  11. proposed revision/modification/addition to Guideline 2.1 and related SCs to cover touch+AT scenarios
  12. Proposed SC Pointer with Assistive Technology This is M5 in our new numbering.
  13. Proposed Speech Input M11
  14. Proposed Single Key Shortcut Alternative M12a
  15. Proposed Speech Command Mechanism M12b
  16. Proposed SC Target Size M2
  17. Proposed SC Orientation M13 Orientation
  18. Extension Notes

Instructions and Templates Archive

  1. New Techniques repository on Github
  2. Instructions for writing new techniques in Github
  3. Wiki Template for proposed guideline/technique/failure
  4. HISTORY: Template
  5. Coordination Template
  6. Proposed SC Template 2016-08-29


Mobile Accessibility Task Force Founding Documents

The Task Force has the following founding documents: