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Step by Step Instructions to Change an Existing Technique

  1. Open the Technique Development Assignments page on the MATF wiki. Open the login link (upper right) and enter your W3C username and password. Password Recovery
  2. Open the Edit link, and edit the "Assigned to" column to change "Unassigned" to your name. Enter your technique number and name in the Summary field at the bottom of the page and choose Save Page.
  3. Choose the link in the first column to open the Technique wiki page that contains suggestions for edits to that Technique. Read the suggestions (you are not bound by them) and draft the changes you want.
    • The link in the last (9th) column opens the Techniques for WCAG 2 page. Copy and paste only the paragraphs that you want to change and whatever text is needed to make sense, such as the heading.
    • If adding to a technique, indicate the section and where in the section the new text should be added. If changing existing wording in the technique, paste two copies of the portion of the original technique you want to change and label one "Original", and the other "Suggested Changes". For example, see G4 and G9.
    • Use to cross out suggested changes that are no longer valid so it is obvious what the current suggested changes are.
  4. Add your name and the date to the bottom of the page, describe your work in the Summary field at the bottom of the wiki page, and choose Save Page to save your work.

In general

  • In general, make your changes and the location of the text you are changing very clear. Balance ease of reading with making clear what is changing.
  • Keep a consistent writing style with the existing Technique.


  • There will be time to ask questions about a technique in progress at the beginning of the Thursday meeting.
  • Techniques that are ready to look at by Monday at noon will be put on a survey for the following Thursday.