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Understanding PLACEHOLDER


This section contains the main explanatory content of the Understanding. It explains why the Guideline or Success Criterion exists and, at a high level, how to meet it.


This explains how following the success criterion benefits particular types of users with disabilities.



Examples in Understanding pages are normally simple lists of hand-waving examples. Sometimes, examples are instead provided in sub-sections with headings. In either case, examples should stay high-level and not get into code specifics, which is for techniques.






This section references techniques that can be used to meet the Guideline or Success Criterion. There are sub-sections for sufficient techniques, advisory techniques, and failures.

Within each sub-section, there may be "situations" to describe when a set of techniques need to be considered. Remove the sub-section and heading if situations are not used. Techniques are provided in an unordered list. Reference techniques by linking to the filename of the technique and using the technique ID as link text. Use unlinked plain text if the technique has not been written yet. If more than one technique must be used for full sufficiency, list them in the same bullet separated by "AND". If a general technique requires technology-specific techniques to be implemented, end the bullet with "using" and provide a sub-list of those techniques. Square brackets indicate optional components.

Remove any parts of the template that are not used, such as the section and heading for situations, sub-lists of techniques, or the "AND" construction. Also remove the square brackets around placeholder optional components.


Techniques that are sufficient to meet the Guideline or Success Criterion. Situation

ID [AND ID]* [using] ID


Techniques that are not sufficient by themselves to meet the Guideline or Success Criterion.

Same template as sufficient techniques.


Techniques that document conditions that would cause the page not to meet the Guideline or Success Criterion, even if sufficient techniques are also used.

Same template as sufficient techniques.