Operable Techniques

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Keyboard Control for Touchscreen Devices

  • Ensuring keyboard control for all functionality
  • Ensuring touch access control for all functionality
  • Ensuring that users are not trapped in content (using touch and keyboard)
  • Defining the hover, focus, selected and touch (regular, long) states (M001)
    • Use focus, hover and select states consistently and in a way that follows the respective platform conventions

Touch Target Size and Spacing

  • Providing adequate touch target size / Ensuring that touch targets are large enough to touch accurately without magnification (M002)
  • Provide adequate spacing between touch targets

Touchscreen Gestures

  • Ensuring that touch access works with device screen reader
  • Providing keyboard-triggered event handlers
  • Activating elements via click event / Activating elements via the touchend event (M003)
  • Providing simple gestures for common functions

Device Manipulation Gestures

  • Do not rely solely on device manipulation gestures
  • Allowing users to interact using device buttons (e.g. arrow keys, ok button)(M010)

Placing buttons where they are easy to access

  • Place buttons where they can be easily accessed for common functions (advisory)