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Task Force Exchange

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This is a place for task forces to list work they want the WG to review. Comment pages for these resources will be created as needed.

NOTE: Use a labelling system, some suggestions are [comment] [review] [SC ready for WG] [SC overlap] etc for work that you add so others will know what is required and we can track progress. Create new labels as needed!.


Please review of proposed SC at:

Look at the coga drafts as first working drafts:

We are also working on the road map. The latest draft is at:

Note we have a wiki page to collect WCAG's feedback to the proposed COGA success criteria. See However the SC here will not be kept up to date, and the latest draft of the SC are at

Low Vision


Proposed Speech Input SC's

Request for COGA to take a look at the Proposed Speech Input Command Mechanism SC below. I'm also including the link to the related Speech Input SC for context and background.

  1. Proposed Single Key Shortcut Alternative M12a (context and background)
  2. Proposed Speech Input Command Mechanism M12b (customization and cognitive load)

General links