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Mobile Accessibility Task Force (Mobile A11Y TF)
of the AG WG

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W3C/WAI's work in related areas is introduced in the main Mobile Accessibility page.

Announcements and Meetings


Instructions for using IRC, Zakim IRC "bot", and Trackbot.

Face-to-Face Meetings

Next Meeting: TBD

Past Meetings:

Meeting Minutes

Minutes from previous meetings are available.

Current Work & Asynchronous Participation

The editors' draft of Mobile Accessibility: How WCAG 2.0 and Other W3C/WAI Guidelines Apply to Mobile is on Github. Issues and pull requests are welcome.

The Task Force stores their current work and discussions in their wiki. You can also follow email discussion on the email list archive.



About the Mobile Accessibility Task Force

The Mobile Accessibility Task Force (Mobile A11Y TF) is a Task Force of the Accessibility Guidelines Working Group (AG WG) and, before its closure, the User Agent Accessibility Guidelines Working Group (UAWG). It assists this Working Group to produce techniques, understanding, and guidance documents, as well as updates to existing related W3C material that addresses the mobile space.

Facilitator and Contacts

Work Statement

Mobile Accessibility Task Force Work Statement defines the initial objective, scope, approach, and participation of the Task Force.

Mailing Lists


To join the Mobile A11Y TF, individuals must be participants of the AG WG. Participants are expected to actively contribute to the work of the Task Force, including:

If you are interested in participating in the Mobile A11Y TF, please send e-mail to: Kathy Wahlbin and Kim Patch and include a little bit about what you’re interested in and how you think that you may be able to contribute to the Task Force.

Participants in the Mobile Accessibility Task Force different format lists current participants.