Participation in the Accessibility Guidelines Working Group

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This page explains the requirements and procedures for becoming a participant in the AG WG. It also explains how non-participants may contribute to the Working Group by subscribing to the group's mailing list, monitoring the group's progress, and contributing on that list. See also Participating in WAI for broader participation options throughout the Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI).

Reviewing drafts

Working Drafts are updated periodically and are available for your review. W3C Working Drafts provide opportunities for public comment during the development of a specification. Please follow the Instructions for Commenting on WCAG 2.0 Documents (preferred) or send mail to the public comments mailing list: The archive for the public comments mailing list is available.

Reviewing the mailing list

The AG WG mailing list archives are publicly available and can be read by anyone.

Becoming a participant

Participation enables you to influence the development of the deliverables, and you and your organization will be listed as contributors to the deliverables of the AG WG where appropriate. Participant status, however, requires a commitment on your behalf to support the work of the group. Participation in task forces counts towards overall participation expectations for the Working Group as a whole.

Participants should:

All participants must have a W3C account. If you do not have a W3C login and password, complete the Account Request Form. You should receive your W3C login name and password within 2 business days. If you already have an account with W3C, use that, you do not need to create a new one.

If you work for a W3C Member organization...

  1. Read the AG WG Charter.
  2. After you receive your W3C login name, ask your W3C Advisory Committee (AC) Representative to:
    1. fill out the Working Group Nomination Form, which includes completing an intellectual property rights (IPR) declaration on behalf of your organization.
    2. select you as a participant in the Working Group by completing the Joining the AG WG Form

You will be notified when these forms are processed, and will be automatically added to the AG WG mailing list.

If you do not work for a W3C Member organization...

If you do not work for a W3C Member organization and you think that you have the expertise and availability to participate, you may apply to become an Invited Expert.

  1. Read the AG WG Charter.
  2. Read the W3C Invited Expert and Collaborators Agreement.
  3. After you receive your W3C login name, complete the W3C Invited Expert Application. Indicate that you are applying to the Accessibility Guidelines Working Group, and provide brief information about your relevant expertise and how you hope to contribute to the group, including any task forces you wish to join. You should receive a reply within 10 business days.
  4. If you are accepted as an Invited Expert, you will receive confirmation with additional instructions.

Note: The AG WG is a public working group and by participating you will not receive access to information that is W3C Member-confidential unless you have been given privileges through participation in another W3C Working Group.