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28 November - 1 December 2005 Montreal, Quebec, Canada
W3C membership meeting, team day

Brought my hockey skates with me this time. trip stuff

14-18 Nov 2005 Atlanta, GA
RDF Calendar, GRDDL, Microformats, and all that at XML 2005 in Atlanta


trip stuff

See also: SPARQL: Web 2.0 Meet the Semantic Web, Kendall Clark Sep. 16, 2005

Hilton Atlanta
  • 255 Courtland Street NE
    Atlanta, GA 30303
rev 2006-01-29T19:12:51Z
6-10 Nov 2005

I'm not attending ISWC 2005 in Gallway, Ireland in person, but I'm on the program committee of Semantic Web and Policy Workshop and the OWL experiences workshop

26 Oct 2005
gave a talk on Web Architecture at invitation of the ACM club of the Park University Department of Information and Computer Science

Park has video of the talk

20-22 Sep 2005 Edinburgh, United Kingdom
TAG meeting. Trip notes: Another hop across the pond; met Austin Tate again and met Harry Halpin in person for the first time.

trip stuff

Radisson SAS Hotel, Edinburgh
    EDINBURGH, EH1 1TH United Kingdom
Free broadband net, wifi
Pool, fitness center
Complimentary "grab & run" breakfast
Travel rev 2006-01-29T19:12:33Z
23-24 Aug 2005 Cambridge, MA
TAMI, PAW ftf meetings. (PAW decided 19May). trip stuff
East Coast Grill
  • 1271 Cambridge St
    Cambridge, MA 02139
Paw 2005-08
Travel rev 2005-08-22T11:00:58Z
14-16 Jun 2005 Cambridge, MA
TAG ftf. Also: CSAIL offsite meeting 19-21 Jun
Residence Inn Boston Cambridge
  • 6 Cambridge Center
    Cambridge, MA 02142 USA
TAG ftf Jun 2005
Travel rev 2005-09-17T13:35:19Z
24-27 May 2005 Amsterdam, Netherlands
XTech 2005

The Open Data track was very interesting, e.g. Open(ed) data, now what -- bringing the European Constitution to the people. I hope to talk more with the author...

trip stuff; steven's guide; Accomodation in the conference wiki

Renaissance Amsterdam Hotel
  • Kattengat 1
    Amsterdam, The Netherlands
City Centre And Museum Quarter
Travel rev 2005-07-13T18:03:57Z
10 May 2005, Chiba, Japan
served on the program committee of the Policy Management for the Web workshop
26-28 Apr 2005 Washington, DC
W3C Rules Workshop

trip stuff. gave a talk: W3C Process: A Means to an End. Introduced timbl to HTML Slidey, DaveR's take on S5. on program committee

Hamilton Crowne Plaza Hotel
  • 1001 14th street, NW
    Washington, DC 20005
Reservation: +1-800-263-9802
High speed Internet
8mi from DCA. 20min by train. Metro-McPherson Square Station
Fitness, but no pool :(
Travel rev 2005-06-07T21:15:06Z
7-12 Mar 2005 Minneapolis, MN
62nd IETF. calsify, maybe SPF/MASS hallway chat. trip stuff
Lisa Dussealt
Development Manager & Standards Architect
Open Source Applications Foundation OSAF
543 Howard St. 5th Floor
San Francisco, CA 94105

1-4 March 2005 Boston, MA
W3C Technical Plenary week (DAWG, TAG, SWIG)

trip stuff includes itin etc.

Hyatt Harborside
  • 101 Harborside Drive
    Boston, MA 02128
Feb/Mar 2005 Tech Plenary
Travel rev 2005-01-29T00:23:43Z
9-10 Feb 2005 Boston, MA
Policy Aware Web research meeting at CSAIL (trip stuff)
19-20 January 2005 Helsinki, Finland
RDF Data Access Working Group ftf meeting. hmm... weatherunderground doesn't seem to know about Espoo

travel stuff

Radisson SAS Plaza Hotel
  • Mikonkatu 23
    Helsinki, FIN-00100 Finland
Travel rev 2005-06-07T21:14:57Z


29 Nov - 4 Dec 2004 Cambridge, MA
TAG meeting, W3C@10, W3C AC meeting, W3C Team day

trip stuff

(cf. 11 Aug 2004 TAG meeting, confirmed 6 Oct)

16-18 Nov 2004 Washington, DC
XML 2004. also meeting with djw to start Policy Aware Web work. cf DigitalSignatureDeployment, PathCross, biglumber.

trip stuff

5-7 Oct 2004 Basel, Switzerland
TAG ftf trip stuff .

Signed Roy's key created 2001-06-24

Nice to meet Len B. Thanks for the kind words.

16-17 Sep 2004 Bristol, United Kingdom
RDF DAWG (per 23Apr) trip stuff
9-11 Aug 2004, Ottawa, Canada
TAG ftf per 2Mar2004. trip stuff. Norm took a photo of me playing guitar. Chris took a Chris took a video (member-confidential).
Travel rev 2004-10-23T19:05:04Z
14-15 July 2004 in Carlsbad, CA
RDF DAWG ftf. See also: trip stuff.
16-22 May 2004 New York, NY
W3C membership meeting, WWW2004 Conference. giving a tutorial: Semantic Web Tutorial Using N3 with Berners-Lee and Hawke

including cwm, Semantic Web Travel Tools

(see also ESW on WWW2004)

see trip stuff

@@XFN met John P. again

Sheraton New York Hotel & Towers
  • 811 7th Avenue on 53rd Street
    New York, NY 10019
Toll Free: 888-625-5144
Check in: 15 May 2004
Check out: 21 May 2004
Rate: $195.00 + 2.00 Occupany tax+ 13.63% room tax/night
Confirmation # 27301610
Travel rev 2004-05-15T02:21:56Z
22-23 Apr 2004 Amsterdam
RDF Data Access WGftf see trip stuff

@@XFN met DirkX

Mayflower Hotel
  • Beestenmarkt 2
    LEIDEN, 2312 CC
75,-/night, including breakfast.
Date: 	Tue, 13 Apr 2004 13:28:56 +0200
Travel rev 2004-05-15T02:18:20Z
1-5 Mar, 2004 Cannes, France
Technical Plenary and WG Meeting Week. see trip stuff including RDF trip itinerary
9 Feb 2004 Cambridge, MA
TAG multi-site. see trip stuff
19-23 Jan 2004 Cambridge, MA
Visiting MIT to discuss research directions. trip stuff, including RDF itinerary


7-12 Dec 2003 Philadelphia, PA
XML 2003. See trip stuff including RDF trip itinerary, whence comes the map and the text version below.

I appeared in a TAG town hall, where I got a signed copy of the webarch document for my birthday, and an RDF town hall, where I presented The Semantic Web and its applications at W3C; we engaged in a little ConnectingAudiences: see notes in rdfig blog, Simon StL's write up in xmlhack.

Other tidbits: went to Tim and Lauren's gig; see Norm's notes.

Marriott Philadelphia
  • 1201 Market Street
    Philadelphia, PA 19107
Dec 2003
Travel rev 2006-01-29T19:14:17Z
17-19 November 2003 Kanagawa, Japan
I attended the TAG f2f and the W3C membership meeting. See also trip stuff, including RDF trip itinerary
Shin Yokohama Prince Hotel
  • 3-4, Shin Yokohama Kohoku-ku, Yokohama-shi
    Kanagawa, 222-8533
2003-11 TAG/AC trip
Travel rev 2004-02-15T20:20:31Z
16-24 Oct 2003 Sanibel Island, FL
I attended a DAML PI meeting the 2nd International Semantic Web Conference (ISWC2003) >met talked about W3C process, jabber and stuff, I think.

see trip notes

Sanibel Best Western Inn
  • 3287 W Gulf Dr
    Sanibel Island, FL 33957
res 9Oct 1 (800) 965 7772
5 nights $588 + tax = $640.92
7 day cxl $35. $117.60 dep
check in 4p. out before 11.
Travel rev 2004-02-15T20:21:31Z
Sanibel Taxi
Travel rev 2004-07-24T13:53:39Z
South Seas Resort
Toll Free: 888-707-7888
16Oct2003 daml pi
Travel rev 2004-02-15T20:20:37Z
8-10 Sep 2003 Boston, MA
W3C management meeting trip stuff, including RDF travel itinerary
4-8 Aug 2003 Montreal, Canada
Extreme Markup Languages 2003.

trip stuff, incl RDF itinerary

pity weather underground and various other tools don't grok the real name of the city, Montréal

I took notes on Extreme Markup conference sessions during the conference using my WearableGizmo. They're extracted from the #irc logs of 05 Aug, 06 Aug, 07 Aug and 08 Aug. See also the #rdfig weblog for those same days.

Hilton Montreal Bonaventure Hotel
  • 900 De La Gauchetiere O Suite 10750
    Montreal, H5A1E4 Canada
ExML 2003
Travel rev 2004-02-15T20:20:10Z
22-23 Jul 2003 Vancouver, Canada
TAG ftf

trip stuff, incl RDF itinerary

Rosedale On Robson
  • 838 Hamilton St. at Robson
    Vancouver, BC V6B 6A2 Canada
Check In: 19 July 2003
Check Out: 24 July 2003
Rate: $195.00 CAD ~$146.00 USD/night
Travel rev 2004-02-15T20:19:49Z
20-24 May 2003 Budapest, Hungary

gave Semantic Web Tutorial Using N3

RDF itinerary, trip stuff, incl RDF itinerary

hmm... Hungary in CIA world fact-book, Hungary in IANA

8-10 Apr 2003 Miami, FL
DAML PI meeting; among DAML events. RDF itinerary, trip stuff. gave talk: Semantic Web Update
Marriott Biscayne Bay
  • 1633 North Bayshore Drive
    Miami, FL 33132
DAML Apr 2003
Travel rev 2004-02-15T20:20:36Z
3-7 March 2003 Cambridge, MA
W3C tech plenary: trip stuff semweb/foaf itinerary
6-7 Feb 2003 Irvine, CA
Technical Architecture group ftf. flight/itinerary map, brief itinerary, itin.rdf, and other trip stuff
9-10 Jan 2002 Manchester, U.K.
Web Ontology WG ftf. trip stuff


5-6 Dec 2002 San Antonio, TX
CNI Fall 2002 Task Force Meeting (confidential: trip report)
18-21 Nov 2002 Cambridge, MA
W3C AC meeting. trip stuff: itin.rdf, flight map
7-8 Oct 2002 Bristol, U.K.
Web Ontology WG, calendaring workshop my use case: Semantic Web Travel Tools; travel tools presentation

trip stuff: flight map

24-25 Sep 2002 Vancouver, Canada
TAG ftf , trip stuff

@@photos by Ian, Stuart, others?

4-9 AUGUST 2002 Montreal, Canada
Extreme Markup Languages, 2002

thinki about: Semantic Web Travel Tools, Using RDF to model XML structures

trip stuff: flight map

1-2 Jul 2002 San Francisco, CA
Web Ontology WG. trip stuff
23-25 Jun 2002Chatham, MA
LCS offsite. trip stuff: flight map
May 2002, Honolulu, HI
WWW2002; TAG ftf

www2002 photos by dajobe; photos of me; of me play vball, by gerald; among gerald's photos; trip report/log. program committee

25 Feb - 1 Mar 2002, Nice, France
tech plenary. trip stuff. talk: Developing Web Architecture
Feb 2002 Alexandria, VA
Python 10. trip stuff
Jan 2002 Murray Hill, NJ
WebOnt 1st ftf


in Nov 2001 Nice, France
W3C advisory committee meeting, W3C Team meeting. photos by gerald; e.g. playin pool
in Oct 2001 Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Linux Lunacy Geek Cruise giving a tutorial on python and Zope. materials in progress
in August 2001 Stanford, CA
International Semantic Web Working Symposium (SWWS): Infrastructure and Applications for the Semantic Web Stanford University

This was a good rdf-calendar experiment. See my input to the project. @@t-shirt stuff, photos, etc.

in May 2001 Hong Kong, Hong Kong

presenting DAML and other Semantic Web Advanced Development stuff; stay tuned for presenatation materials.

in Mar 2001 Austin, TX
Knowledge Technologies 2001, a GCA conference
trip report, 5-9 March, 2001

presentations: W3C update, DAML; see also: my notes on integration of synchronous communication (tel:, irc:, videoconferencing), my comparison of the Web to Engelbart's Integrated Open Hypertext requirements, and my bibliography on knowledge exchange. program committee
in Feb 2001 Cambridge, MA
W3C technical plenary. photo of me with my guitar and other notes byAaronSw.
Royal Sonesta Hotel Boston
  • 5 Cambridge Pkwy
    Cambridge, MA 02142
Unlabeled: (617) 491-3600
Travel rev 2005-01-19T18:27:11Z
in Jan 2001 Sophia Antipolis, France
W3C Rights Management Workshop


3-8 Dec 2000 Washington, DC
XML 2000.
Eric van der Vlist
22, rue Edgar Faure
75015 Paris, France

see also: conference proceedings on CD. hmm... index conference CDs?

Marriott Woodley
Travel rev 2004-11-29T01:03:47Z
in Oct 2000 Cambridge, MA
W3C mgmt meeting. travel tools stuff: Oct 2000 Makefile - n3 to RDF via cwm, RDF to HTML via XSLT. some palm datebook integration.
in Sep 2000 Hawthorne, NY
after a W3C XML Plenary Meeting in Hawthorne, New York, hung out for a while and visited the American Museum of Natural History, Sesame Place, and the Tarrytown House with the family.
Courtyard By Marriott
  • 475 White Plains Rd
    Tarrytown, NY 10591
Travel rev 2004-02-15T20:20:42Z
in Sep 2000 Aspen, CO
28th annual MotherLode Volleyball Classic (egroup)
15-18 Aug 2000 Montreal, Canada
Extreme Markup Languages 2000
topicmaps, RDF, Doug Lenat, URIs, etc.
Liam Quin
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
14-16 Aug 2000 Cambridge, MA
DAML kick-off
Patrick J. Hayes
Pensacola FL
19-20 Jul 2000 Cambridge, MA
DARPA DAML jumpstart workshop. met:
in Jun 2000 Cambridge, MA
presented Toward Swell, the Semantic Web Logic Language
in May 2000 Amsterdam, Netherlands
in Jan 2000 San Antonio, TX
ALA Midwinter Meeting 2000
presented Seeds of the Semantic Web
and had some family fun on the riverwalk


in Dec 1999 Philadelphia, PA
XML '99: co-chair of Core track
presentation: W3C Web Standards Update, Dec 1999
coverage: Schemas top of delegate wishlist at XML'99 by Edd Dumbill on, XML Standards Update, technetcast
in Oct 1999
program committee of USENIX Symposium on Interent Technologies and Systems
in Oct 1999 London, U.K.
XML One, as technical chair
in May 1999 Austin, TX
XML One by SIGS, who also published WebApps, a magazine I used to edit.
@@Simon@IBM guy, markg
in May 1999 Toronto, Canada
presentation: XML Update.
program committee
in Apr 1999 Granada, Spain
XML Europe '99
presentation: XML in Context: W3C
(other W3C stuff at this event)
in Mar 1999 Minneapolis, MN
44th IETF
in Mar 1999 San Jose, CA
XTech '99
(other W3C stuff at this event)
in Feb 1999 Fort Worth, TX
WAP Forum
presentation: Web Architecture (source)


in Dec 1998 Cambridge, MA
attended W3C Query Languages Workshop
chaired the Metadata session. participants included Dan Brickley, R.V. Guha
in Nov 1998 Chicago, IL
attended XML '98
chair of the W3C Standards Update panel (@@slides)
in Nov 1998 Austin, TX
Saw Eric Raymond speak on The Open Source Revolution at UT

met Mark Leibovich of the Washington Post

in Oct 1998 Austin, TX
attended ACM SIGCOMM ICNP '98
in August 1998 Montreal, Canada
attended GCA Conference: XML Developers' Conference
photos by Jon Bosak including one of me, Makoto, and Michael
photos by Tim Bray
in Jul 1998 Oakland, CA
attended W3C Mobile Interest Group meeting mobile stuff
in Jun 1998 Geneva, Switzerland
W3C Advisory Committee Meeting
holiday in Switzerland, Germany
in May 1998 San Francisco, CA
Shaping the Future of HTML
in Apr 1998 Brisbane, Australia
presentations: W3C Architecture Domain, XML and the Evolution of Web Data Formats at The 7th International World Wide Web conference (WWW7)
in Mar 1998 Seattle, WA
presentation: Evolution of Web Data Formats at XML'98: The Conference
in Feb 1998 Austin, TX
dropped by The Eighth Conference on Computers, Freedom & Privacy CFP'98
in Jan 1998 San Jose, CA
7th Advisory Commitee Meeting


in Dec 1997 Washington, DC
40th IETF
in Dec 1997 Washington, DC
in Dec 1997 New York, NY
in Sep 1997 Aspen, CO
25th Annual Motherlode Volleyball Classic

great mountain air, great volleyball, and a great party!

I went in '90, '91, and '93 too.

in Sep 1997 Cambridge, MA
W3C Workshop on Push Technology
in Jun 1997 Tokyo, Japan
6th meeting of the W3C Advisory Committee
Architecture Domain Update
see also: Architecture Domain
in May 1997 Grenoble, France and Sophia Antipolis, France
HTML WG meeting. XML Hacking is Fun!. visited offices of Vincent, Daniel V. Anselm's home. got a copy of Vincent's "Type Modelling..." paper on cut/paste across DTDs (see tag versioning issue (41?)). more notes (confidential.
in Apr 1997 Austin, TX
U.T. undergraduate class: Network Protocols and Implementation. @@EY

guest lecture on OOP etc.
in Apr 1997 Santa Clara, CA
Sixth International World Wide Web Conference
W3C Architecture Domain: Connecting Computers
Presented the state of the Architecture Domain

see: W3C at WWW6

in Apr 1997 Memphis, TN
38th IETF


in Oct 1996 Chicago, IL

Gave a Proforum at with Paul Penfield
in Sep 1996 San Francisco, CA
W3C Report Card
Panel discussion
in Jun 1996 Boston, MA
Joint W3C/OMG workshop on distributed objects and mobile code
co-chair with Richard Soley. co-chair, program committee
in June 1996 Boston, MA
W3C Advisory Committee meeting
Architecture Domain Update
Presented the state of the Architecture Domain
in May 1996 Cambridge, MA
W3C Workshop on Distributed Indexing and Searching
organizer, contact on W3C staff
17 Mar 1996 Washington, DC
Hypermedia Research and the World-Wide Web workshop at Hypertext '96
an evaluation of the web w.r.t Engelbart's work
in Feb 1996 Cambridge, MA
New England SGML User Group Meeting
HTML as an SGML Application
in Jan 1996 Cambridge, MA
W3C workshop on Demographics demographics info
in Jan 96 San Diego, CA


in Dec 1995 Boston, MA
4th International World Wide Web Conference
the web as a distributed applications platform
Panel. See: OOP
authoring tools BOF, where I met Dave Long
6-7 November 1995 Paris, France
W3C Workshop on Stylesheets met Håkon Lie (perhaps not for the first time).
30-31 October 1995 Austin, TX
The First International Conference on Electronic Commerce
Technology for the Web Marketplace
Proceedings published as a book
14-15 Sep 1995 Chicago, IL
Spyglass partners
5 July 1995 Cambridge, MA
W3C Mobile Code Workshop. James Gosling
in July 1995 Stockholm, Sweeden
Stockholm IETF
in July 10 Cambridge, MA
W3C Security Working Group Meeting
in May 1995 Reston, VA
The Second Python Workshop met Guido van Rossum
in May 1995 San Francisco, CA
W3C Advisory Committee Meeting
in April 1995Santa Clara, CA
DCI WebWorld
in April 1995 Darmstadt, Germany
Third International World-Wide Web Conference
in April 1995 Danvers, MA
32nd ETF

John Klensin introduced me to the tensions around chair/author/editor)

in Jan 1995 Orlando, FL
DCI's WEB WORLD - The Conference
Formalizing Web Technology
Trip Report

met Alan Richmond hmm... there was a trip report by him a while ago, but it seems to have gone.


in October 1994 Austin, TX
missed the Second International Conference on WWW. My wife and I were busy with the birth of Brennan
in Sep 1994 San Francisco, CA
Seybold '94
panel on Mosaic/WWW for publishing with Tim Krauskopf from Spyglass, Mark Walter from Seybold...

Electrong distribution was a hot topic. Sorry, no web references handy.
met Ted Nelson

in July 1994 Toronto, Canada
30th IETF Meeting

HTML BOF minutes by Tim Berners-Lee.

in May 1994 Geneva, Switzerland
First International Conference on WWW

my trip report, final proceedings

met Dave Raggett in person.


in Dec 1991 San Antonio, TX
Hypertext '91. met Tim Berners-Lee, Doug Engelbart for the first time.
met Mary Ulrich, now my wife, the same week.
in Sep? 1991 Sebastopol, CA
Met Terry Allen, Dale Dougherty, Dr. Steven R. Newcomb, Murray Maloney?, Lar Kaufman?
in Aug 1990 Dallas, TX
from Convex

Automation notes

(If you're an automated agent, you're probably more interested in the RDF version of this page, and the transformation used to generate it. see also: finin's work on italks: talk ont (broken XML))

XFN Friendly

  1. Jul 2005: trying out hCard
  2. Feb 2004: making this page XFN Friendly. Noodling on Orkut, LinkedIn, and FOAF.
  3. Jan 2002 NJ WebOnt trip. rules, iCal/evo interop
  4. grokItinTable.xsl - convert travel itinerary from (tidied) HTML to RDF
  5. travel tools presentation at calendaring workshop
  6. Bristol trip stuff Oct 2002
  7. SWWS: An RDF Calendar Trial, Aug 2001. pathcross and such.

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