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Dan's trip to Hawaii for WWW2002 etc.

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note: This page is public for now, but may become confidential in the next few weeks (May/Jun 2002). Some links go to confidential materials.

Sat, 4 May

5:15am shuttle picks me up. $$ quicksilver home->MCI

$$ breakfast in MCI


met EricM

DFW->HNL broken headphone jack. saw Shipping News w/Kevin Spacey anyway; thanks, EricM, for letting me use your headphone jack.. (ShareLifeThruArt)

some guy gave EricM and me a ride to the hotel. (had his card, but it was in my wallet when it got stolen)

a little pepper on the beach, then dinner w/EricM at Dukes.

Then joined a group down the beach; a little vball. Nice sunset. (see gerald's photos)

Sun, 5 May

got up with the sun. Went swimming.

tag ftf

timbl's photos: group photo, foot photo.

vball w/DaveO and Dean J. Just the three of us, and the rain. :-{

Dinner: AC welcome luau. See: ralph's photos, coralie's photos.

Mon, 6 May

AC breakfast.

AC meeting.

AC dinner.

Tue, 7 May

AC breakfast.

AC Meeting

Duke's w/Rohit, Simon, ... $40

late night

Wed, 8 May

1st day of conference. slow day. notes in RDF IG scratchpad

tuna salad in the room for dinner.

Thu, 9 May

2nd day of conference. notes in RDF IG scratchpad

Fri, 10 May

7:30 swim with TimBL, Norm. Wallet/cellphone etc. gone when we get back to the beach. :-{

$40 cash gone. HPD police report:Theft 3rd 02-174493. @@need to ammend it with cell-phone serial number (010070308173757) by calling (808) 529-3111. evidence: 529-3283.

3rd day of conference. notes in RDF IG scratchpad

Sat, 11 May

devday. RDF IG notes

Sun, 12 May

team meeting. horseshoes (ralph's photos), funny golf, horseback riding. max's photos

shuttle to airport with EricM and vic.

HNL->DFW. saw A Beautiful Mind again. still good.

Mon, 13 May

DFW->MCI. gave up seat on overfull 7am flight. next one got me to KC by around 11am.

loooong shuttle ride home got me home around 12:30.

Dan Connolly
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