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WebOnt NJ Trip: Semantic Web Travel Schedule Tools

previous trip: (Nov NCE, Oct geekcruise, Sep BOS) Aug swws. 1st semweb trip tools: Oct 2000

an explanation of the Makefile:

  1. email from the travel agent
  2. thru grokNavItin.py into RDF, using the travel agent's terminology but RDF syntax.
  3. then I use itin2ical.n3, an N3 rules file, to map from the travel agent vocabulary to ical vocabulary
  4. toICal.py extracts ical vocabulary stuff from an RDF KB and spits it out in ical syntax.
    itincal.ics: itincal.n3 toICal.py
    	PYTHONPATH=$(SWAP) $(PYTHON) toICal.py itincal.n3 >$@
  5. import into evolution.


actually, after step 2, I run rules to check constraints ala "make sure the itinerary gets me there in time for the meeting, but gets me back in the time agreed with my wife" and such. i.e. there are usually several itineraries proposed by the travel agent, and I use cwm to evaluate them to see which match my constraints.

this is so cool... even the timezone stuff worked out.

next steps

converting ical syntax back to RDF, and doing consistency checking, ala "if my email says I'm busy at time T, but my evolution calendar doesn't, raise a flag!"

ala... <evo-cal.rdf> log:semantics [ log:notIncludes ...]

eventually, I want my evolution calendar to act as a little agent/service. RDF that's available via HTTP naturally acts as a KB service...

see also: log of notes in IRC as I developed it

Dan Connolly
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