Architecture Domain

W3C Workshop on Push Technology

September 8-9, 1997
Boston - USA

At this workshop, there was significant enthusiasm for the following aspects of push technology :

W3C Submissions such as CDF and DRP were presented. Discussion included the relationship of these proposals to ongoing work in W3C and elsewhere. In particular, the workshop participants began to evaluate the use of technology in development in W3C's Metadata Activity, i.e. RDF, for description of collections of web content.

Note that W3C Workshops do not have direct impact on the status of Submissions. The mechanism for the outcome of a W3C Workshop to turn into a W3C Activity is for a Briefing Package to be drafted, circulated to the W3C Advisory Committee, and approved.

The discussion of deployment of W3C resources and the disposition of the proposals hpresented are archived on the www-push mailing list.

Philipp Hoschka, Workshop Chair
Dan Connolly, W3C Architecture Domain Leader
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