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Metadata and Resource Description

Metadata is machine understandable information for the web. The W3C Metadata Activity addressed the combined needs of several groups for a common framework to express assertions about information on the Web, and was superceded by the W3C Semantic Web Activity.

W3C's Metadata Activity addressed the needs of PICS, DSig, P3P, and CC/PP.

The primary work in this activity was the Resource Description Framework.

Discussion Fora (W3C)

RDF Interest Group
The RDF Interest Group is an e-mail discussion list with a public archive

Discussion Fora (non-W3C)

The <dc-general@mailbase.ac.uk> list is the mailing list for discussion of all issues relevant to the development, deployment, and use of Dublin Core metadata.
For details, please browse the dc-general list information.

Comments to: Ralph Swick, activity leader
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