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25 Jun 1997: WebApps has folded due to lack of advertising revenue.

publist's WebApps entry claims (7 Aug 2000) that this magazine is active; not so.

See: About WebApps at the SIGS Publications site.


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Web Programmer provides developers of web software with practical information and reference material to help meet their application development needs and objectives. The focus is on practical application of web technology in real engineering and commercial environments. Information is covered from a developer's point of view.

Topic areas include languages libraries and development tools, protocols and standards, database/application integration, legal issues, security and commerce, education & training, networking and bandwidth, and windows/mac/X platform issues. These topics are covered in-depth and are based on actual development experiences. Articles are concise, precise, and to the point. Because our focus is the practical application of object technology, concept and theory are supported by descriptive, practical examples.


Web Programmer is targeted toward experienced and neophyte web software systems developers, software engineers, programmers, project leaders, and those interested quickly and effectively developing web software.