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Jan/Feb 97Web Programming Languages
  • Java, JavaScript, VisualBasic
  • Inferno, Curl
  • Perl/Perl5, Python, Tcl, scheme, guile
  • Obliq
  • C++, Modula-3, Ada9X

modern web programming, Critical issues

Mar/Apr 97 Distributed Objects
May/Jun 1997 Databases (back office) Mar 11
Jul/Aug 1997 Industrial-Strength Web (reliability/security)
Sep/Oct '97 Collaboration and Content Development (hypertext: what's next)
Nov/Dec '97 Electronic Commerce

@@@ digital cash, wallets

Searching and Indexing
want to do this soon.
High Fidelity: Stylesheets, Fonts & Colors

Technology for high-fidelity, high-functionality publishing on the web.

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