Håkon Wium Lie

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[In April 1999 I joined Opera Software to make sure there's more than one browser on the Web. You can find more informatition about me from my home page]

I work for the guy who invented the Web. His name is Tim. He's now the director of the World Wide Web Consortium which is hosted by MIT and INRIA. I'm based at the INRIA site in southern France, but often telecommute to work. I spend most of my time developing and promoting style sheets. Style sheets describe how documents are presented on screens, in print, or perhaps how they are pronounced. In 1994 I proposed the concept of Cascading Style Sheets which are now, some years later, implemented by major browsers. You can read about it in a book I co-authored. I'm interested in the functional, esthetic and political aspects of the Web -- in particular how Web documents are authored and presented. I'm a graduate of the MIT Media Lab which did not invent the Web. My claim to fame is that I'm mentioned in David Siegel's diary.

Off work, I spend time with my kids. We all like to paint. Other interests include pipe organs. I plan to build one myself, and I'm looking for a pipe organ kit. Among the composers I enjoy the most is Anton Bruckner (try his 9th symphony, 2nd movement!) and Carl Nielsen (try his 5th symphony -- or visit his museum!).


If you see me with a visual recording instrument, a Web documentary is next:


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