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The Electronic
Broadsheet -- all the news that fits the display

                  Håkon Wium Lie

                  DH-kandidat, Østfold Distriktshøgskole,
                  Halden, Norway, 1986

                  B.S., Computer Science, West Georgia College,
                  Carrollton, Georgia, 1987

Submitted to the Media Arts and Sciences Section, School of
Architecture and Planning, in partial fulfillment of the requirements
of the degree of Master of Science at the Massachusetts Institute of
Technology, June 1991

(C)  Massachusetts Institute of Technology 1991, All rights reserved. v2.0

Signature of the Author:

                  Media Arts and Sciences Section
                  May 10,1990

Certified by:
                  Walter Bender
                  Principal Research Scientist
                  Electronic Publishing Group, MIT Media Laboratory

Accepted by:
                  Stephen A. Benton
                  Departmental Comittee on Graduate Students

The Electronic Broadsheet - 30 JUN 95
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