Håkavika, July 24, 1996

You will find Håkavika between Sandefjord and Larvik along the Oslo fjord. Or, more likely, you won't find it at all. Small and quiet. This is where summers are meant to be spent. At least in our family.
On this day we celebrated tow birthdays and a new boat. Here, everyone is doing what they are good at. Julie is charming the camera. Halvor is eating. Alfred is, well, keeping an eye on all of us.
Birthday! What's in this one, Julie?
After finishing the bottle, Anniken starts eating.
Other people around the table have more civilized (but less efficient) manners.
Sissel, eagerly awaiting authentic Fox-Amphoux champagne.
Alfred should be smiling...
.. he bought himself a new sail boat on that very day!
Halvor transported it safely home (and found use for traction control in the process)
This is Magnus. He's learning something very important.
"Magnus, just one more little thing.."