Web Architecture

Addressing and Data Formats

Dan Connolly

WAPForum Meeting
February 1998
Fort Worth, TX


Web Architecture

  1. Addressing: URIs
  2. Protocols: HTTP, ...
  3. Data Formats: HTML, XML, ...

notes from '91

Addressing: URIs

Addressing: Issues

Addressing: Opportunities

1st class objects vs.

"value of the network varies with the square of the number of resources"

Data Formats

Format Negotiation

Format Negotiation

W3C Data Format Architecture: XML

XML: past, present, future

XML Applications

XML Namespaces


metadata infrastructure for...

XML Activity

  1. XML Schema WG
  2. XML Linking WG
  3. XML Fragments WG
  4. XML Syntax WG
  5. XML Infoset WG

XML Schemas

XML Linking

XML Fragments

XML Syntax

XML Infoset

@@namespaces @@XML linking and WML @@XML profile, voyager profile