Motherlode '97, Aspen Colorado

In September 1997, Dan Connolly and Mark Gaither took off from the grind in Austin Texas for the mountain air of Aspen Colorado and the 25th Annual Motherlode volleyball tournament. They were joined by Dan's brothers Paul and Jon from Phoenix, Arizona.

Looking down at the park from the mountain.

Dan and his brothers Jon and Paul pause on their way up the mountain.

Mark finds a rock.

Dan thought he was going to miss the tournament, but he found a partner, Rob Rericha (Reriericha?).

The excitement builds as Dan arrives at the tournament site.

After Dan and Rob are elimintated from the tournament, we took a look at some of the other players.


Photos scanned by Dan Connolly using sanecgi (modified) and sane-umax and a few other Open Source tools.

Photos by Mark Gaither, Sep 1997
scanning, editing, and publication by Dan Connolly, Dec 1999