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Web & TV Convergence

The Fourth W3C Web and TV Workshop

12–13 March 2014, Munich, Germany

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W3C gratefully acknowledges IRT (Institut für Rundfunktechnik) for hosting this workshop.

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The workshop has received funding from the European Community's Seventh Framework Programme (FP7/2007-2013) under grant agreement n°610404 (MediaScape).

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Please note that times and details may be subject to slight change. Here is a list of all submitted papers. Also, all papers being presented can be downloaded as a single file.

Day 1 (Wednesday 12th March)

08:30 Registration opens

09:20 Logistics information

09:30 Session 1 — Welcome

  • Welcome from W3C — Philipp Hoschka (W3C) [slides]
  • Welcome from IRT — Ralf Neudel (IRT)
  • TV activity within W3C:
    • Introduction to W3C process and terminology — Philipp Hoschka (W3C) [slides]
    • Introduction to the Web and TV Interest Group & TV-related specs — Giuseppe Pascale (Opera Software) [slides]
    • Q & A

10:30 Morning break

11:00 Session 2 — Hybrid TV

12:30 Lunch

14:00 Session 3 — Multi-screen 1

  • "Enabling second display use cases on the web" — Dominik Röttsches, Anssi Kostiainen (Intel Corporation) (presented by Louay Bassbouss (Fraunhofer FOKUS)) [paper] [slides]
  • "A Flexible Multi-Screen Solution Based on UPnP" — Clarke Stevens (CableLabs) [paper] [slides]
  • "Multiple screen in China" — Mingmin Wang, Jaien Woo (Oriental Cable Network) [paper] [slides]
  • "An architecture for second screen experiences based upon distributed social networks of people, devices and programs" — Dave Raggett (W3C) [paper] [slides]

15:30 Afternoon break

16:00 Session 4 — Panel: W3C and SDO alignment, moderated by Giuseppe Pascale (Opera Software)

  • Five-minute update from SDO representatives [slides]:
    • EBU: Jean-Pierre Evain (EBU)
    • HbbTV/OIPF: Jon Piesing (TP Vision)
    • IPTV Forum Japan: Kinji Matsumura (NHK)
    • UPnP/DLNA: Clarke Stevens (CableLabs) [slides (DLNA)] [slides (UPnP)]
    • W3C: Philipp Hoschka (W3C)
  • Issues from previous sessions (Hybrid TV, Multi-screen)
  • Experience of working with W3C specs
  • Gaps and challenges
  • Questions from the floor

18:00 Closing (possibly earlier) followed by a Bavarian-style buffet hosted by IRT.

Day 2 (Thursday 13th March)

08:50 House-keeping information

09:00 Session 5 — Multi-screen 2

  • "Challenges for enabling targeted multi-screen advertisement for interactive TV services" — Louay Bassbouss, Christopher Krauss, Stefan Pham, Stefan Kaiser, Stephan Steglich, Stefan Arbanowski (Fraunhofer FOKUS) [paper] [slides]
  • "Linking Web Content Seamlessly with Broadcast Television: Issues and Lessons Learned" — Jan Thomsen (Condat AG), Raphaël Troncy (EURECOM), Lyndon Nixon (MODUL University) [paper] [slides]
  • "Inter-Device Media Synchronization in Multi-Screen Environment" — Geun-Hyung Kim (Dong-Eui University), Sunghwan Kim (Electronic and Telecommunications Research Institute) [paper] [slides]
  • "Three challenges for Web&TV - video delivery, synchronization, STB-in-the-cloud" — Victor Klos (TNO) [paper] [slides]

10:30 Morning break

11:00 Session 6 — Panel: Key issues in web media, moderated by JC Verdié (MStar Semiconductor)

  • "Commercial Content in Browsers" — Jan Lindquist, Mats Cedervall (Ericsson) [paper] [slides]
  • "Web Distribution Formats for Subtitles and Captions" — Andreas Tai (IRT) [paper] [slides]
  • "Discovery and Second Screen, HTML5 video and MSE" — Jean-Claude Dufourd, Cyril Concolato (Télécom ParisTech) [paper] [slides]

12:00 Lunch

13:30 Session 7 — More challenges for web media

  • "Network-Assistance and Server Management in Adaptive Streaming on the Internet" — Xin Wang (Huawei Technologies USA) [paper] [slides]
  • "The Audio Definition Model" — David Marston (BBC) [paper] [slides]
  • "PARS – A Multiscreen Web Application Platform" — Hyojin Song, Soonbo Han, Dong-Young Lee (LG Electronics) [paper] [slides]
  • "IPTV using P2PSP and HTML5+WebRTC" — Cristóbal Medina López, Juan Pablo García Ortiz, Juan Alvaro Muñoz Naranjo (Luxunda, S.L.) and Leocadio González Casado, Vicente González Ruiz (University of Almería) [paper] [slides]

15:00 Afternoon break

15:30 Session 8 — Wrap up & Next steps — Wiki page for gathering issues [slides (GGIE)] [slides (next steps)]

17:30 Closing (possibly earlier)