Re-creating ConnecTV

And what to learn from it.

Victor Klos

Back in 2007 …

TNO created a social TV experience for a large group of test users.


And …

And …


Big Question

How would you create it now, 7 years later?

But first an important distinction

Web & TV, does it refer to

  • Web technology for use in TV environments, like HbbTV and HybridCast?


  • Web coolness to leverage great quality content in ways unforseen?

As a smart TV app

  • Will it ever scale to multiple vendors?
  • Will it get any cooler?
  • How about privacy?

Smartphone in charge

So in a way

The TV is the second screen!

(this was supposed to be a revelation but then there was the Second Screen Presentation CG)

Back to standardisation

Back to standardisation


Thank you