Doors open, coffee
Welcome & Introduction, Eric Prud'hommeaux (W3C), Arnaud Le Hors (IBM), Harold Solbrig (Mayo Clinic)
Problem Statement and Scope
Use Cases and Requirements Chair: @@TBD; Scribe: @@TBD;
(15 minutes per speaker plus up to 15 mins discussion)
RDF Validation requirements for data about products, services and companies
Harrison Business Requirements [slides] [discussion]

Real-world examples of RDF validation that show the range and potential complexity of validation needs. References to alternative methods of validating data.

Definition of and Requirements For RDF Validation
Solbrig Requirements [slides] [discussion]

Requirements for graph updates, ideally expressed in UML 2.

RDF Validation in a Linked Data World
A vision beyond structural and value range validation

Esteban-Gutiérrez, García-Castro and Mihindukulasooriya Requirements [slides] [discussion]

Meta attributes of a validation schemes.

Requirements Lightning Talks Chair: @@TBD; Scribe: @@TBD; (5 mins per speaker)
Linked Data Profiles
Davidson Requirements [video] [discussion]

Registries of "data profiles"

Forms to direct interaction with Linked Data Platform APIs
Menday Application to LDP [slides] [discussion]

Use of RDF constraints language withing the Linked Data Platform

Thoughts on Validating RDF Healthcare Data
Booth Requirements, Proposed Solutions [slides] [discussion]

Pipelines of enhanced SPARQL operations.

Validation: requirements and approaches
Reynolds Requirements, Structure, Vocabulary, Code Lists [slides] [discussion]

Well-formed RDF Data Cubes, value sets, interface definition and discovery.

Europeana and RDF data validation
A short expression of interest from a vocabulary owner

Isaac Requirements, Implementation Experience [slides] [discussion]

Requirements and XML work-arounds.

Discussion What requirements do we need and can we afford?
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User Experience Chair: @@TBD; Scribe: @@TBD;
(15 minutes per speaker plus up to 15 mins discussion)
A Semantic Web-Based Framework for Quality Assurance of Electronic Medical Records Data for Secondary Use
Jiang, Solbrig and Chute Implemenation Experience in Healthcare Domain [slides] [discussion]

Clinical requirements starting in a UML model, then converted to OWL and implemented with SPIN.

Simple Application-Specific Constraints for RDF Models
Simister and Brickley Requirements, Solution Survey [slides (not yet available)] [discussion]

RDF Validation efforts at Google.

User Experience (continued) Chair: @@TBD; Scribe: @@TBD;
(15 minutes per speaker plus up to 15 mins discussion)
Using SPARQL to Validate Open Annotation RDF Graphs
Gerber, Cole and Lowery Implementation Experience in Annotation Domain [slides] [discussion]

SPARQL rules used to validate data in the Open Annotation ontology.

Use Case and Requirements Prioritization
End of Day 1
Cambridge Semantic Web Gathering
Drinks in the R&D Pub (across the hall).

Doors open, coffee
Tools and Technologies Chair: @@TBD; Scribe: @@TBD; (15 minutes per speaker plus up to 15 mins discussion)
Validating statistical index data represented in RDF using SPARQL queries
Labra and Rodríguez Proposed Solution [slides] [discussion]

On RDF Validation, Stardog ICV and Assorted Remarks
Clark and Sirin Requirements, Proposed Solution [slides] [discussion]

Bounds: Expressing Reservations about Incoming Data
Skjæveland and Stolpe Proposed Solution [slides] [discussion]

OSLC Resource Shape: A Linked Data Constraint Language
Fokoue and Ryman Requirements, Proposed Solution [slides] [discussion]

Dublin Core Application Profiles
Separating Validation from Semantics

Coyle and Baker Requirements, Proposed Solution [slides] [discussion]

Experiences with the Design of the W3C XML Schema Definition Language
Mendelsohn Requirements, Experience w/ XSD [slides] [discussion]

Lessons learned from W3C XML Schema and their application to RDF.

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Alignment of requirements and technology
Who needs what technologies? What's a practical approach to
Next Steps/Chartering
Consideration of what's needed by the community and in what forum it should happen.