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RDF Validation Workshop Papers

Experiences with the Design of the W3C XML Schema Definition Language

Noah Mendelsohn Tufts University

Dave Reynolds - full - standards and technology development process
Clear summary of issues and lessons from the development of XML Schema that might arise in analogous form in developing an RDF validation standard.
Antoine Isaac - full - standards and technology development process
Really interesting effort, presenting lessons that should influence the design of RDF validation mechanisms. It can complement other papers very well. Food for thought for the workshop itself: the paragraphs on "what gets validated" and substitution groups could be tied to considerations on what could possibly count as "RDF dataset", and on whether/how RDF validation should only consider explicit statements vs. include reasoning in the loop. For example, some XML Schemas (e.g. the Dublin Core one) use substitution as a means to do validation that is aware of RDFS sub-classes/sub-properties axioms.