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This Wiki contains a collection of tool references that can help in developing Semantic Web applications. These include complete development environments, editors, libraries or modules for various programming languages, specialized browsers, etc. The goal is to list such tools and not Semantic Web applications in general (the interested reader may consider looking at the W3C SW Use Case Collection for those.)

The tool content of this wiki is still to be maintained by the community and not by the W3C staff. If you are interested in adding to and/or modifying the relevant pages, please consult the separate Tool Contributors’ page.

Search possibilities

The current Wiki contains references to 25 tools. Although it is possible to show them in a list or in a table, the result is not easy to parse. Here are some other possibilities that might be helpful:

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Tool Data in RDF

Thanks to the possibilities offered by Semantic Media Wiki, each tool page has a link to the corresponding RDF data describing that particular tool and, whenever possible, links to other information (e.g., a corresponding entry on have been added, but there are obviously missing entries. Hopefully, the community will improve that over time.

There is also an option to get one RDF/XML graph for all tools. Unfortunately, that data does not include the properties associated with each tool, only a reference to each individual tool’s RDF data. (Getting a direct RDF dump of all the data is not yet possible in the local setup of Semantic Media Wiki.)

Other resources

There are other pages on tool collection out there, largely overlapping with this, but possibly with a different granularity or emphasis. Some of these are:


There are also separate pages maintained on W3C’s ESW Wiki for:

Eventually, these pages should be transferred onto this Wiki, too.


Some years ago, W3C set up a general Wiki page on the ESW Wiki listing Semantic Web tools. The content of that page was entirely maintained and kept up by the Semantic Web community at large. However, the technology behind ESW Wiki makes that site relatively slow to use and it also lacks many features that would make a better management of such lists. Consequently, it was decided to move the content of that page to this site. This, plus the possibilities offered by Semantic Media Wiki, makes it possible to have better search, export of data, etc.

The initial content on tools on this Wiki is identical to the old ESW Wiki page, except that each tool has its own page. The only exception is the few tools listed on the old page that seem to have gone out of existence or where the old URIs delivered no results.