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Access to this Wiki

Unfortunately, public access to this Wiki has been discontinued. To add or modify an entry, you should contact a W3C staff member to do inclusion/modification for you. It greatly helps if you provide a full mediawiki page content in terms of the templates described below; this makes the inclusion into the wiki site way easier.

How to contribute to the tool collection on this Wiki

Add or modify an entry

Try to keep to the tool template that is used on the page. This template is used to generate all the necessary Semantic Media Wiki entries that governs this site. Even if you do not have the practice in using Media Wiki templates, this is not particularly difficult: it is just a series of key and value pairs. As usual, the best idea is to look at existing pages; the page for Redland, Jena, or RDFLib are all good examples.

The important properties you will have to set for the tool are

  • Its name and homepage
  • the "tool category", ie, whether it is a reasoner, an application library for a specific programming language, and editor, a validator, etc
  • Which W3C standards are relevant for the tool
  • If applicable, which programming language(s) the tool can be used with
  • If applicable, the institution, company, etc, who owns and possibly sells this product. This field is typically left empty for open source projects.

You can also set references to other pages (eg, if the tool is already listed on, say,, reference to a public mailing list, etc.)

On the Wiki, programming languages, categories and, of course, the W3C recommendations have their own "pages" that you should refer to, because that makes search through the tools possible. The current list of programming languages defined in this Wiki are . The current set of tool categories are RDF, RDFS, SHACL, SKOS, SPARQL. As for the list of tool categories, you can consult the entries on Tool category page; the individual category pages also give a short description on what they are meant for. See below in case you need a new entry for any of these lists.

Of course, as always, copy-paste is your friend to add a new entry…

If you need new language or category

Both the languages and the tool categories have their own Wiki page structure. You can of course create new ones if needed, but they need more care. If you have some experience with Media Wiki, then it is relatively clear how that works. Otherwise you can contact, for example Pierre-Antoine Champin, <>, and he will be happy to do that for you. In any case, here again, copy pasting one of the existing pages on the Wiki is the best approach.