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Multimedia Semantics: Overview of Relevant Tools and Resources



1. Introduction

This page contains an overview of tools and resources relevant to multimedia semantics. If you are interested in other semantic web tools, you can visit ESW semantic web tools page.

We will constantly update this page to add or remove tools. Discussion about this document is invited on the XG public mailing list (public archives). Public comments should include "comments: [Tools]" at the start of the Subject header. If you want to add a new tool, please send a public comment to XG public mail list, and provide RDF metadata with DOAP description of the project and data about the contact person using FOAF.

Useful pointers/references:

2. Tools

We have classified tools in three categories: image, audio and video tools. Each category describes the main focus of the tools, although some of the tools, such as most of video tools, can be used with other media.

The order in the listings below does not reflect any assessment of the product or tool; simple alphanumeric order is used.

2.1. Image Related Tools

2.2. Audio Related Tools

2.3. Video Related Tools

Note: Most of the tools referenced below support multiple media types, i.e. video, images and audio.

3. Additional Resources

3.1. Programming libraries and toolkits

3.2. RDF Converters

4. Examples and demonstrators

5. To Probe Further

5.1. Relevant Projects and Conferences

5.2. Readings: RDF-Based Multimedia Annotations on the Semantic Web

5.3. Readings: Non-RDF based work for Multimedia Annotation

5.4. Readings: Prototype systems

This section describes prototype and experimental systems that have been described in the literature, but are not available for usage or testing.

6. Acknowledgments

Thanks to Libby Miller, Benjamin Nowack, Tasos Gounaris and Yannis Avrithis for the pointers and descriptions.