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RDF Validation Workshop Papers

Bounds: Expresssing Reservations about Incoming Data

Martin G. Skjæveland¹ and Audun Stolpe²

¹ Department of Informatics, University of Oslo, Norway

² Norwegian Defence Research Establishment

Dave Reynolds - lightning - technologies and solutions
Theory, language and implementation for constraining data merges which can "lock down" triples matching some pattern. Some concrete examples relating this to validation use cases would be helpful. Not clear how the approach would extend to the range of validation constraints needed (cross-triple patterns, range checking etc).
David Wood - lightning|full|both - @@category
Elisa Kendall - lightning talk - technologies and solutions
The work, which aligns data sets and allows merging of at least two (not sure whether they have tested more than two) data sets under specific conditions, dictated by choices made using their ontology for homomorphism representation. This is definitely interesting, but I agree with Dave on not knowing how well their work affects validation.