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RDF Validation Workshop Papers

On RDF Validation, Stardog ICV, and Assorted Remarks

Kendall Clark & Evren Sirin, Clark & Parsia LLC

Arnaud Le Hors - Full presentation, technologies and solutions
Lists some existing technologies and discusses Stardog's Integrity Constraint Validation solution. Ends with a set of requirements the authors think matter. I wish the paper discussed how Stardog's solution compares to the other technologies they list.
Martin Alvarez - Full presentation - Technologies and solutions
This paper assesses different solutions for RDF validation (SPIN, IBM's Resource Shapes, and Stardog ICV). Stardog's Integrity Constant Validation uses high-level syntax to define validation constraints. These constraints are translated into SPARQL for interoperability. Authors are really focused on standardization and raise some questions/recommendations on a future RDF validation standard.
Makx Dekkers - Full presentation, technologies and solutions
Describes useful approaches to validation, but reads a bit like a product presentation. Not that that is a negative point: Stardog is mentioned by others also as one of the most useful solutions. The list of issues in the section "What matters and what not" could feed into a list of main requirements derived from this and other submissions to structure the discussion.