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RDF Validation Workshop Papers

OSLC Resource Shape: A Linked Data Constraint Language

Achille Fukuoe¹ and Arthur Ryman²

¹ IBM Research


David Wood - lightning|full|both - @@category
Elisa Kendall - full paper - use cases and requirements, technologies and solutions
This paper describes the requirements for a constraint language for RDF validation, and provides an OSLC based approach for fulfilling that requirement. It's well written, and reflects usage of an already fairly mature approach, using OSLC, which has been deployed commercially over the last couple of years at least. One limitation of the approach is that it is currently focused on REST architectures only, and a general solution that is less architecture dependent is desirable in my view. Having said this, we should definitely give them the opportunity to discuss the work, and if adopted as one of the paths the working group pursues, could broaden it based on use cases received.
Evren Sirin - lightning|full|both - @@category
Eric Prud'hommeaux - full - requirements/proposed solution
Introduces LD for application integration.
Use constraints language to: validate I/O, guide form-builders, generate tests, aid query generation.
Requirements: 1. efficient to implement; 2. understandable by humans; 3. machine processable.
Implemented as SPARQL ASKs. [not necessarily the best way to explore permutation problems like all-optional].
Paper didn't discuss that Resource Shapes will likely span RDF ontologies when LDP interface designers are re-using existing vocabularies.