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RDF Validation Workshop Papers

Definition of and Requirements for RDF Validation

Harold Solbrig¹

¹ Mayo Clinic

Elisa Kendall - full talk - use cases and requirements
This paper describes a number of issues related to instantiating information in an RDF data store, particularly when new information is added from a source that differs from the original, and the need for a constraint or invariant analysis and expression language, to use to support validation. The requirements come from a well-known group at the Mayo Clinic responsible for terminology transformations across data stores. Although not necessarily stated in the position paper, the work behind the scenes is important and widely respected in the healthcare community, and for that reason I think it would be worthwhile to ask them to speak on the topic. Jeni is right that it doesn't provide any approach to addressing the requirements, though, so I could be persuaded to say definitely a lightening talk and possibly a full talk if there is sufficient room in the agenda.
Evren Sirin - lightning|full|both - @@category
Jeni Tennison - lightning talk
Outlines the general requirement for RDF validation and stores that support it, but doesn't describe any tangible approach to fulfilling those requirements.