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The Working Group was closed on the 10th July 2009.
"There was significant support for the idea of a written ‘profile’ of XML Schema which would document the sweet spot for purposes of data binding, or for other specific domains. The word profile is problematic; what was meant was not a language subset, but only a definition of the sweet spot in existing processors, which would allow schema authors to get better results and better user experience when data binding tools are used, and which would tell implementors in the relevant domain which parts of schema users are most likely to expect them to support well."
-- Chairs' Report, W3C Workshop on XML Schema 1.0 User Experiences


A pattern is a single XPath expression returning one or more XML Schema nodes. Each pattern has been allocated a stable URI and classified as being either:

The Working Group developed a processor which may be used to detect patterns exhibited by an XML Schema or WSDL document.


There should be at least one example exhibiting each pattern, Each example has been allocated a stable URI, presented inside XML Schema and WSDL descriptions and accompanied by one or more valid instance XML and SOAP documents. The test suite uses the examples to assess support for patterns in databinding implementations.


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We used an Issues List to record decisions on how we work, collect known interoperability issues with XML Schema and concrete patterns and examples to be included in our specifications. New issue proposals were made against a specific document by sending mail the public mailing list. When discussing an issue in mail or on IRC, we used identifiers in the form "ISSUE-9" - see Tracker.

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