Databinding WG Teleconference

1 May 2007


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Jon Calladine (BT)
George Cowe (Origo Services Limited)
Paul Downey (BT)



we have a new Working Group member from WSO2, hoped they might be joining us

gcowe: Axis 1.2 was released this week

<gcowe> http://ws.apache.org/axis2/download.cgi

pauld: we delayed our report to accommodate them, still waiting for a run

minutes from 20-3 approved

pauld: our charter expires at the end of september
... W3C technical plenary is in November, team are asking if we want a room

pauld: under current participation, it's hard to justify? Maybe meeting with XML Schema

gcowe: I need to understand the benefits for going

pauld: no need to decide anything today, I'm attending the AC meeting and will talk to the team

Test Report


gcowe: some contact with WSO2

pauld: i did pass a comment they made on to you, they found an issue with an example
... ah, something in my junk folder, they expect us to do a re-run with Axis 1.2
... if we change the examples, we have to do a full re-run across the board, are we in a position to do that?

gcowe: will fix their example, and rerun my clients I can pickup Axis 1.2

pauld: had help from gSOAP via our contacts in Yahoo!

pauld: will ping adrian to re-run swing, and rerun python, ruby, php. May need some help with gSOAP

pauld: Philippe plans to show this at the AC
... created directory for Axis 1.2

pauld: yet to find anyone who knows how to do WSDL service gen with WCF!
... they all say "of course you can do it", then "er, it's not straightforward" then don't come back
... the /service option from svcutil was dropped going from Indigo to .NET 3.0
... formus are full of explanations of turning a client into a service, but they don't work in non-trivial cases

gcowe: do we add WCF to the report?

pauld: I think so

jonc: show them the red!

pauld: er, white!

pauld: will push Microsoft people again, but it looks like contract first service developement isn't easy, if possible, with WCF
... although it's tempting to make it all red, or white, but it's not strictly a databinding issue

jonc: can we get BEA Weblogic on the board?

pauld: will ask around about BEA/*, no longer know people who use it

won't announce the report yet, but it's public, but still work in progress
... working on a visualisation for the subset of patterns which truly basic
... post processing the report to help us work out what is truly 'basic'

Summary of Action Items

[End of minutes]

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