Tracker and its IRC bot trackbot have been retired as of 2023-12-31.
You can use Zakim to start/end your meeting easily.

Linking emails to actions/issues

Tracker subscribes to the Working Group mailing list in order to automatically link all relevant discussion to the appropriate issues and actions. It does this by scanning all the email for keywords.

The keywords can be anywhere in the subject or text of the message. However, the tool only reads the text portions of an email, not HTML or PDF, so make sure you send emails either in plain-text or with an equivalent plain-txt attachment.

If you're mentioning a particular issue simply use the issue identifier, such as “ISSUE-123”.

If you're mentioning a particular action simply use the action identifier, such as “ACTION-42”.

If you're sending a message on more than one lists and these lists correspond to different tracker instances, you can prefix the name of the action / issue with the relevant group’s shortname (e.g. SYSTEAM-ACTION-91), as defined in the configuration for the group.

Alternatively, you can always use the full URI of the action or issue you're referencing (e.g. — Tracker will also take note of it.

That's all. The tool will then link all emails that use the keywords, as demonstrated by the famous ISSUE-33 of the CDF Working Group.

Opening an Issue

When an issue is created (either through the Web interface or on IRC), an automatic email is sent to the Working Group — the default Working Group mailing list given in the configuration, or a mailing list specific to the product in which the issue was created (which can be set by asking

Email notification

As a per-group option, users can be automatically notified by email each time they get assigned an action item.

Please contact to enable that option.