There are 104 issues listed in the system.

ID State Title Raised on Product
ISSUE-1 CLOSED Scope of Structures to be Addressed 2005-12-13 All
ISSUE-2 OPEN Test Suite 2005-12-13 Testsuite
ISSUE-3 CLOSED Mapping Simple Numeric Types with Infinite Value Space 2005-12-19 Basic
ISSUE-4 CLOSED Collection of Databinding Implementations 2006-01-09 Roadmap
ISSUE-5 CLOSED Open Enumerated Type 2006-01-09 Advanced
ISSUE-6 CLOSED mapping of enumerated values containing non-alphanumerics 2006-01-10 Basic
ISSUE-7 CLOSED xsi:nil and minOccurs=0 2006-01-12 Basic
ISSUE-8 CLOSED Using patterns to constrain numerical types 2006-01-12 Basic
ISSUE-9 CLOSED Support for xs:union 2006-01-12 Advanced
ISSUE-10 CLOSED Mapping Element and Type names 2006-01-12 Basic
ISSUE-11 CLOSED Use case submissions to the test suite 2006-01-16 All
ISSUE-12 OPEN identifying a conformant schema 2006-01-24 Testsuite
ISSUE-13 CLOSED Using PSVI Features in Schemas 2006-01-24 Advanced
ISSUE-14 CLOSED xs:default handling by generated types 2006-01-24 Advanced
ISSUE-15 CLOSED Null datatype pattern as used by ASN.1 and others 2006-01-30 Basic
ISSUE-16 CLOSED Multiple patterns for a single data structure 2006-01-30 Basic
ISSUE-17 CLOSED Advice for representing a duration 2006-02-01 Advanced
ISSUE-18 CLOSED Schema Authoring Styles 2006-02-21 Basic
ISSUE-19 CLOSED Advice against using the 'all' model group 2006-02-21 Advanced
ISSUE-20 CLOSED Extension of collections 2006-02-21 Advanced
ISSUE-21 CLOSED Inheritance of Collections 2006-02-21 Basic
ISSUE-22 CLOSED Bare Vectors 2006-02-21 Basic
ISSUE-23 CLOSED Use of Mixed Content datatype 2006-02-21 Advanced
ISSUE-24 CLOSED Multi-dimensional Arrays 2006-02-21 Basic
ISSUE-25 OPEN Map and Hash Patterns 2006-02-21 Advanced
ISSUE-26 CLOSED qualified local elements and attributes 2006-03-27 Basic
ISSUE-27 CLOSED targetNamespace and Chameleon schemas 2006-03-27 Basic
ISSUE-28 CLOSED what to do if the programming language does not fully support a data structure 2006-03-27 All
ISSUE-29 CLOSED what to do with what to do with uncommon data structures in programming languages 2006-03-27 Basic
ISSUE-30 CLOSED a more distinct list of data structures covered 2006-03-27 Basic
ISSUE-31 CLOSED enumerated restriction types 2006-03-28 Advanced
ISSUE-32 CLOSED element repetitions other than 1 or unbounded 2006-03-28 Basic
ISSUE-33 CLOSED xs:choice a Basic Pattern? 2006-04-15 Advanced
ISSUE-34 CLOSED multiple schemas for a single namespace 2006-04-21 Basic
ISSUE-35 CLOSED Design Considerations as Warnings 2006-04-21 Testsuite
ISSUE-36 CLOSED Tool selection for testing of basic pattern assertions 2006-04-21 Testsuite
ISSUE-37 CLOSED more than one way to express null, empty or missing content 2006-04-25 Basic
ISSUE-38 CLOSED xs:any processContents value of 'skip' 2006-04-25 Advanced
ISSUE-39 CLOSED importing components from another namespace 2006-05-04 Basic
ISSUE-40 CLOSED XML Schema document encoding 2006-05-04 Basic
ISSUE-41 CLOSED annotation and documentation elements as basic patterns 2006-05-04 Basic
ISSUE-42 CLOSED schema version and ID attributes as a basic pattern 2006-05-04 Basic
ISSUE-43 CLOSED ref and type qname values 2006-05-04 Basic
ISSUE-44 CLOSED complexType extension of simpleContent 2006-05-04 Basic
ISSUE-45 CLOSED attribute use optional/required 2006-05-05 Basic
ISSUE-46 CLOSED fixed value attributes 2006-05-05 Basic
ISSUE-47 CLOSED simpleType with attributes collection 2006-05-05 Basic
ISSUE-48 CLOSED collection with local elements defined by reference 2006-05-05 Basic
ISSUE-49 OPEN is anySimpleType a Basic Patterns type? 2006-05-09 Advanced
ISSUE-50 CLOSED is xs:anyType an Advanced pattern? 2006-05-11 Advanced
ISSUE-51 CLOSED attribute and element name clashes 2006-05-12 Advanced
ISSUE-52 CLOSED identify patterns with URIs 2006-05-22 Basic
ISSUE-53 CLOSED What excludes a pattern from being Advanced 2006-05-22 Advanced
ISSUE-54 CLOSED Sequence of choice Pattern 2006-05-23 Advanced
ISSUE-55 CLOSED simple abstract substitutionGroup pattern 2006-05-23 Advanced
ISSUE-56 CLOSED simpleType string restricted with minLength and maxLength facets 2006-05-23 Advanced
ISSUE-57 CLOSED xs:include pattern 2006-05-23 Basic
ISSUE-58 CLOSED anonymous complexType 2006-05-23 Advanced
ISSUE-59 CLOSED attributeGroup pattern 2006-05-23 Advanced
ISSUE-60 CLOSED collection with local attributes defined by reference 2006-05-23 Basic
ISSUE-61 CLOSED Movement of Patterns between Basic and Advanced Specifications 2006-05-30 Basic
ISSUE-62 OPEN Why would a pattern NOT be included in our Advanced document? 2006-06-01 Advanced
ISSUE-63 CLOSED is the order of a repeated element significant? 2006-06-13 Basic
ISSUE-64 CLOSED union of simple types 2006-06-14 Advanced
ISSUE-65 CLOSED Overlapping Patterns 2006-07-18 All
ISSUE-66 CLOSED Enumeration based on SimpleType 2006-07-21 Advanced
ISSUE-67 CLOSED using xsi:type to assert Type Substitution 2006-07-26 Advanced
ISSUE-68 OPEN xs:import of Schema 1.0 namespace 2006-08-07 Advanced
ISSUE-69 CLOSED Global Attributes 2006-09-05 Basic
ISSUE-70 CLOSED empty Enumeration as a Null Datatype 2006-10-05 Basic
ISSUE-71 CLOSED Relationship with WS-I Basic Profile 2006-10-06 Basic
ISSUE-72 CLOSED relationship to XPath 2.0 2006-10-09 Basic
ISSUE-73 CLOSED Do we allow DTDs, external entities, etc. 2006-10-16 Basic
ISSUE-74 CLOSED Relative URIs in targetNamespace schemaLocation 2006-10-18 Basic
ISSUE-75 OPEN pattern for IEEE754r (floating point numbers) 2006-10-19 Advanced
ISSUE-76 OPEN Advanced Pattern 3.1.1 NoTargetNamespace disallowed by WS-I BP1.1 R2105 2006-10-24 Advanced
ISSUE-77 OPEN Versioning of data structures 2006-10-24 Advanced
ISSUE-78 OPEN fixed length repetition 2006-10-26 Advanced
ISSUE-79 OPEN Global Attribute SimpleType pattern 2006-11-01 Advanced
ISSUE-80 CLOSED Abstract Global ComplexType 2006-11-01 Basic
ISSUE-81 OPEN Abstract Global Element 2006-11-03 Advanced
ISSUE-82 CLOSED Non Abstract Global Element 2006-11-03 Basic
ISSUE-83 CLOSED finalDefault and blockDefault on xs:schema 2006-11-03 Basic
ISSUE-84 CLOSED Local Element ComplexType 2006-11-03 Basic
ISSUE-85 OPEN xs:list 2006-11-03 Advanced
ISSUE-86 OPEN xs:attribute simpleType 2006-11-03 Advanced
ISSUE-87 OPEN xs:choice minOccurs 0, maxOccurs unbounded 2006-11-03 Advanced
ISSUE-88 CLOSED id attribute 2006-11-06 Basic
ISSUE-89 CLOSED block/final attributes on global elements 2006-11-06 Basic
ISSUE-90 CLOSED final/blocked Complex Type 2006-11-06 Basic
ISSUE-91 CLOSED abstract elements and types 2006-11-06 Basic
ISSUE-92 CLOSED default values for schema attributes may be explicitly provided 2006-11-07 Basic
ISSUE-93 CLOSED xs:gMonth and xs:gDay are advanced 2006-11-10 Advanced
ISSUE-94 OPEN conformance claim 2006-11-12 Testsuite
ISSUE-95 CLOSED totalDigits for xs:decimal 2006-11-14 Basic
ISSUE-96 CLOSED SequenceMaxOccurs 2006-11-14 Basic
ISSUE-97 OPEN proposed set of new patterns 2006-11-24 Advanced
ISSUE-98 OPEN corrections to examples.xsd 2006-11-28 Testsuite
ISSUE-99 OPEN LC: XPath 2.0 and node-set ? 2006-12-11 Basic
ISSUE-100 OPEN LC: Basic Profile Compliant Import 2006-12-12 Basic
ISSUE-101 OPEN fractionDigits, minLength and maxLength proposed patterns 2006-12-18 Advanced
ISSUE-102 OPEN Semantic Annotations for WSDL Schema Extensions 2006-12-19 Advanced
ISSUE-103 OPEN Cyclic References 2007-03-08 Advanced
ISSUE-104 OPEN ComplexTypeChoiceExtension 2007-08-03 Advanced